Top 10 Activities for Larger Families


When you have a larger family, it can be difficult to find activities that the whole crew can enjoy. In this article, we’ll present you with ten amazing ideas to help you get out there and have some fun, all together!



It’s a classic, with good reason! Take the whole family to the pool to burn off some energy, have lots of fun, and make amazing memories. Look out for pools that have extra features, like wave machines and slides. If you have a local water park, even better!



If you have older kids, go-karting is a brilliant activity that brings in an element of healthy competition! It’s also a great idea for families that are throwing a party. Don’t forget a prize for the winner!



Stretch your legs, work up an appetite, and take in the awesome power of nature. Hiking is a fantastic way to create beautiful memories with your family; there are plenty of free routes to choose from, and in the boundless expanse, even the biggest crews are accommodated!


Horseback riding

An adventure on horseback is the perfect way to spend time with the family. It’s also a wonderful introduction to the equestrian world for little ones who haven’t experienced it before. Safety is paramount, of course, so don’t forget your helmet!



Grab the bikes and find a trail that’s suitable for all members of your family. It’s best to start off on a route that’s not too challenging, so that everyone – adults included! – can develop their confidence on two wheels.



An activity that gives back to the community and instill a sense of civic pride in children is a winner in our books! Check out local listings to find out where your family can volunteer. There tend to be lots opportunities around the holidays, so it’s one to remember for autumn and winter.



If you have a big family, you have soccer teams pre-made! Split your crew in two and get a mini World Cup going. You’ll get plenty of exercise and fresh air, and you might just discover the next Lionel Messi!



If you’re lucky enough to live near a lake, river, beach, or dedicated water sports facility, give kayaking a try. It’s heaps of fun; you’ll all have a giggle while learning a new skill. And don’t worry, there are instructors on hand to help you get to grips with how everything works!



The wonder of the night sky never gets old! You can pick up a telescope for a reasonable price online – or keep an eye on local adverts – and set it up in the garden. Choose a clear night and let everyone have a turn at stargazing! Once you’re done, you can even have s’mores around a warming campfire!



A school playground classic! Large families are built for an energetic game of dodgeball; make some space in the garden and let battle commence! Don’t forget to keep an eye on little ones and remember; it’s only a game!

Which activity are you going to try first? We’d love to know! Leave us a comment below.







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