Treat yourself no matter what – 7 things you could be doing right now!


We all lead such busy lives, whether it’s the daily grind of 9-5, longer hours, night shifts, the kids, working at home, family, friends, social gatherings, commitments that you just can get out of – the list for some of us is endless! But if you don’t love yourself – then who will? Sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses, and that means treating yourself for a change!

Doing little things that make you happy, will not only boost your confidence and self-esteem but it’s good for your mental health too! So treat yourself to the best foundation, that gorgeous pair of shoes you’ve been scrolling past online, a trip to the hairdressers or whatever makes you happy! If you’re stuck for a few ideas, then read on for a little inspiration.


Buy yourself some flowers

Why wait to be gifted a bunch? Buy some beautiful blooms, put them in every room – why not? Not only has it been scientifically proven that having flowers and greenery in the home boosts happiness and reduces stress – but they smell amazing too! Pick your favourite kind, or a new species you’ve never had at home before.



Have a long soak in a hot bath and take the time to exfoliate all over your body. Then make sure you slather on plenty of thick, indulgent moisturiser so your skin not only looks and feels amazing – but you’ll smell fantastic too!


Discover nature

Heading out into nature is a great way to relieve stress, anxiety and it allows time for reflection too. Natural surroundings are good for the soul, the colours and fragrances are good for lowering your blood pressure and give your mood a much needed boost.


Try a podcast

Why not listen to someone talking about the topics that mean something to you? Whether it’s an uplifting mummy podcast, fashion and style, sustainability, women empowerment or something light hearted and funny. Whether you’re busy in the kitchen or waiting in the car to pick the kids up from school, podcasts are a great way to indulge your mind and your own ideas.


Avoid toxicity

A particular parent in the playground, a co-worker that has nothing positive to say – if there is someone in your life you depresses, or you find yourself hoping you won’t bump into, then make the effort to avoid them completely or spend less time with them if possible.


New bed sheets

There’s something rather exciting about the prospect of new bed linen when you get older. So why not treat yourself to some! If you don’t fancy adding to your collection, then just change the ones you have for some fresh ones – you’ll be thanking yourself when bedtime comes around. Speaking of which…


Have an early night

Sleep is the perfect way to treat yourself. Those boring chores and bits of housework can wait until tomorrow, head up to bed, stick on a film or read a book and just enjoy the peace and quiet. You deserve it.








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