How to Throw a Mind Blowing House Party For Kids



When it comes to kids parties, most people often think about the usual fizzy drinks and cake. Well, that is not the point. Kids would love cooking classes, art and craft, magic shows, puppets, and menageries.

Don’t be overwhelmed if you have a party for your little one. Have you ever heard about LEGOLAND Birthday Party? How about some Legoland party supplies will have you sorted for this mind-blowing type of your party theme.

But there are a few more of house party ideas for your little one that can keep them talking about for weeks.


Circle Party

This type of house party is suitable for two to four-year-olds. Most toddlers love shapes, and they understand them well. Of course “toy,” “That’s mine,” and “candy” -this is a no-brainer for a parent and all-around experience for kids.

Think Polka dots, Cheerios, balloons, bubbles, —anything that can keep the party moving. Activities ought to be short but sweet because kids that age wouldn’t sit still but instead run in circles.


Messy Party

This kind of party is suitable for age five to seven. Ii would beat your mind to think a mess as a theme but well it has worked for many kids party planners, why not try it out? It might look like any other ordinary weekend.

Nonetheless, this theme—devoted to spills and splatters or even goo and dirt that’s if you are ready for the heavy mess.

If you ever throw such a messy themed kids party, you will definitely enter their book as the coolest mother on this world.

You can reach Legoland party supplies to stock up, set out paint and Silly String. Make it cooler by serving graffiti style food topping. Allow the kids to go into beast mode. They would go anyway without stressing on the beast mode.



This old age entertainment is still a force to reckon with. You can hire Puppeteers with the experience needed to add flavor into this party — incorporating face painting and balloon work while entertaining the kids. Your kids will not only have the chance to get wild but also enjoy the day fully occupied from one activity to another.


The kitchen is not a bad idea

If you are blank about this, you can hire a qualified chef to make the day more successful. Kids can be taught to cook different kinds of cuisines from cakes to full meals.

They can even cook and be taught party decorating by the very chefs; it all depends on your agreement. Party supplies everything including ingredients, aprons, and utensils. To make it more competitive, kids will be issued with prizes and certificates at the end of the party.

This is good for all groups but mostly enjoyed by kids aged five to 13. Children will also be taught how to prepare their favorite snacks like pizzas.


Wanna be a mad scientist

This should, however, be monitored by a professional. You can order for some simple explosive chemicals to add the bang to this party. Kids will learn a lot when they get handy, let it be not only a party but also a learning environment for these kids.

The theme is aimed at six to twelve-year-olds. But also kids older than that even adults would have fun blowing up the house literally.


Themed Fun

Princess party, pirate party, soccer party, pamper parties, dinosaur parties … legoland party supplies will theme up the kid’s party to fit the girl or boy at the moment. These will include Popstar Party, making VIP pass, nail art, disco lights, karaoke, and interactive games.


Bring the magic back right into the house

Magic is one perennial children’s most favorite at parties; it has many options to pick from.

When it comes to magic and the children, put your focus on the useful props. In simple term keep the horns and party crowns for some other occasion. Let the kids greet party hoppers with capes and top hats infusing magic dust.

Magic dust is legendary, and you can’t hide it out from your magic plans. Don’t worry about the cleanup; it is all worth every strand.


Bring the computer games into the house

A video game is something loved by almost everyone not only kids but adults too. But sometimes not all siblings do, and one kid turns out to be a gamer fanatic. Bringing other gamers to the party will be some fun to deal with.

New competitors are always a thrilling experience for everyone. Coding and console are truly the 21st-century party thing… It is a unisex type of theme so no need to be worried about the other party being sidelined.

You can make it more unifying by setting it into multiplayer mode. This will enable the hipsters to challenge one another in a more fun way.

There are many games to choose from so they can keep playing as long as they want – the youngsters can choose from dancing games, Just Dance, Mine craft, football, singing, and football, for example.



Hosting a house party is one thing and making it remarkable is another. For this reason, you need a qualified party organizer who will make this house party a success. We know there are things you can do by yourself, but remember it is not always about you and you may need some help for this.







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