Styling the Seasons: How to Prepare Your Wardrobe for Winter


Fashion is just as fleeting as the seasons, it all comes and goes so quickly. The good news is that you can adjust your wardrobe to suit the weather and be fashionable in any season.


All the leaves are brown..

It seems as though most people have trouble with fashion during the winter months but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can look just as cool and classy in winter, read on to find out how.


Organise your space

The best way to start is by creating a winter edit, start by putting all of your summer/ spring items to the back of the wardrobe as you probably won’t be wearing them for some time. That puts the distracting things out of sight so you can focus on what you have available before you rush out and buy new things.

This is also a good time to be ruthless and get rid of winter items that haven’t been in fashion for some time, or items that don’t look like classic vintage-wear.


Categorise your items

Sort your coats, blazers, skirts, shoes and dresses into particular items, OR you could do the same but with colour coordination. When everything is easier to access and visible to your eyes, you can begin to plan based around what you already have or what you feel is missing.


Layer your clothes to flatter your figure

Correctly layering your clothes for winter has a multitude of benefits, practically it allows you to keep warm when travelling but also allows you to easily remove garments when indoors.

More importantly for many of us, it allows us to still give our style a touch of personality in the colder months. The first layer would ideally fit you well, be light and be snug around your body.

Your mid layer could be anything from a vest, cardigan, blazer, button-down or a crop-top, you have more room for versatility here as it will be on display more. Think about textures, patterns and colours that blend.

For your outer layer, think of the length of this compared to the rest of your clothing. The safest option is to go with a longer jacket. One would usually keep this open to display the rest of your outfit.


Winter wardrobe hacks

  • Wear a belt to narrow your waist, if you wish to look slimmer and flatter your figure.
  • Try folding your clothes on hangers instead of letting them hang by the shoulders, this will stop your garments from stretching and the shape being warped.
  • Breathe life back into any suede items you have with a bristle wire brush, it can make old suede look brand new.



Long knee-high boots look very sexy with skinny jeans or standard jeans, plus they give extra warmth and make your legs look long and slim. Click here to see the latest must have Uppersole shoes.

Anything else?

This one is cliched but worth a mention, Ugg boots go very well with leggings or jeans, they keep your feet warm and they are very comfortable.



Your accessories are the icing on the cake and can make for a great finishing touch. Scarfs, jewellery, hats, or a handbag can really complement your winter outfit. Less is usually more in this sense so try going for one stand-out item and own it!

An example would be to choose gloves to go with a jacket that has bracelet-length sleeves, or a scarf hanging evenly on both sides if you are dressed in mostly solid clothing.

Hunt for clothes at the end of the winter season, you can find some amazing bargains and some items will match your outfits for next winter too.






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