Easy Ways to Host a Garden Party

If you are planning on hosting your own garden party, whether it be casual or formal, there are things you can do to make sure you are the host who boasts the most!

Garden parties can be a lot of fun and don’t need to be stressful. However, you should still put some effort into making sure your guests have a good time, or you may leave a bad taste in their mouth.


Let people know the dress code

Let everybody know the dress code in good time so they can prepare; nobody wants to turn up in a tuxedo to find everybody else in shorts and a t-shirt. Set the tone and people can match it accordingly.


Do a headcount

Next, you need to know how many people are coming, it’s okay if you have told people to bring their own drinks or food, but more often than not, people will expect some food and beverages to be served.

Doing a headcount means you can stock up and not be left short of stock, even if it’s just for some appetisers and a glass of bubbly upon arrival. You will also be able to get the right amount of seats or benches to prepare as not everybody will want to stand all day, especially if food is on the menu!


Check the forecast

What does the weatherman say? Understandably the weather can be unpredictable, and you should prepare for the rain even on a day set to be soaked in sun! Opt for a garden & camping 3m x3m Gazebo to provide some much needed protection from the elements, whatever they may be.

Such a thing would be a perfect size to keep everybody dry and also a great cover for your food, drinks and anything else.



Depending on the time of year and how late your garden party will go on for, it is a good idea to have the correct lighting, so people aren’t left in the dark as the night draws in. Any ambient lighting will work, and you certainly won’t need any floodlights, opt-in for lights that set the tone of the party.

Hurricane lanterns or tea lights are a great idea, and you can even add fairy lights around your plants, trees or shrubs for an extra touch of class.


Get your music ready

Most garden parties have music, but it depends on your personal preference as a host, you can easily keep the mood-lit by choosing the right selection of songs.

Think of it as something that can set the pace of the day and you can even use it to liven things up or help wind the day down naturally. Avoiding music with explicit lyrics or cranking up the speakers to a high volume probably won’t do you any favours, again, we recommend going for ambience.


Something for the kids

Make sure you have something to keep the kids entertained, that is if any will be attending. Games and snacks that kids will love will keep them occupied.

One of the most important things is to prepare and don’t forget to enjoy yourself, just because you are the host doesn’t mean you have to stress about it.






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