Should You Let Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes?


Regardless of your children’s age, chances are they are quite vocal about the clothes they want to wear and the way they want to look.

Even though their fashion extravaganzas may seem too much for you, it is probably better to let them have their way. Of course, under the condition it’s decent, safe and weather appropriate.

There is more than one reason for this, as it will make them feel in control, and this really is a field where you can let them decide without any serious consequences. It will help them build their own taste, and most importantly, it will make your life easier.

Clothing editors at ModerneChild elaborate and see why this is really good for both sides.


They Should Have Their Taste and Opinion

And indeed, very often, they do have them. If they show a preferencefor some clothes, let them choose. In the first place, let them choose what to buy. At least, let them choose between two or three options and give them a feeling they have the final word.

Let them express their opinion and build their own tasteif they are too young to already have one. Of course, a subtle parental nudge is allowed, and often desirable here and there, but don’t exaggerate and make sure you listen to your children’s opinion and respect it. They will respect you much more later on.


It Will MakeYour Life Easier

More or less, from the age of 3 children start having and expressing their opinions and attitudes about everything. That is also the age when they start trying to gain control over everything in a little dictator manner.

So if,among other things, they disagree with and they throw a tantrum over the daily combination you chose for them, it is probably the most painless “battlefield” where you can let them win. And you can keep control on the other fronts.

It could save you a lot of time and nerves you would spend on fighting over what to wear to school that day or to a family dinner. Even though their appearance certainly tells about you as a parent as well, don’t forget they are kids and should be allowed to express themselves and actually be kids; unusual kids clothes can be quite endearing, actually.


It Will EnsureYour Money Is Well Spent

How many times has it happened that you spend quite a lot of money on your kids’ outfits and they simply refuse to wear most of those things?

Of course, in most cases, you have to go shopping for the same things once again. If, however, you ask your children for their opinion and allow them to choose what they want to wear, the odds they are actually going to wear that are much higher.

That way you will sure your money is actually well spent and all the beautiful clothes you bought for them won’t be left to the moths in the wardrobe.


It Could Teach Them How to Handle Money

If your kids are a bit older, you can entrust them with a shopping limit which they can spend to buy some clothes.

That way, they will have the freedom to choose, which is so important for them, but at the same time they will have to rationalize with the money (make sure the allowance is not to tight nor to high, something you would normally spend on their clothes) and learn how to spend money wisely.

That way you can be sure they got things they got the things they really like and are really going to wear, plus they are going to learn how to be responsible with money, how to prioritise and make their own decision.

Even if you’ve not considered clothes shopping as a teachable moment and a parenting challenge, know that your children are watching you and looking up to you, so practice what you preach.







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