Fast Ways to Create More Privacy in Your Garden

Spending time outdoors is very good for you. Having a close connection with nature has been shown to improve mental health as well asphysical health. For example, studies show that children who spend more time playing outdoors have stronger immune systems and are less prone to allergies.

So, making your backyardas nice as possible is a good idea. Doing so will encourage everyone in the family to spend more time outside and stay healthier. One of the ways you can improve your yard is to turn it into a more private space. There are several ways to do this; here are some of our favorites.


Plant some trees

Buying some fast growing trees from The Tree Center and planting them strategically is a really easy way to enhance your yard. Tall trees are a great way to create a space which is not overlooked by your neighbors. Provided you choose the right type, you can even plant trees in urban gardens. Once mature they can provide shade and provide protection from the wind too. Buying your trees need only take about 10 minutes if you buy them online. Once they arrive all you need to do is to spend about 30 minutes planting each one. Initially, they will need watering a couple of times a week, but that should only take you a few minutes.

There are many different varieties of fast-growingtrees available. A great example is the Royal Empress Tree. This stunning treewill grow up to 15 foot a year. So, will not be long before it can act as a shield to prying eyes. So, trees are a very fast and easy way to create more privacy in your yard.


Create a hedge

If you want to screen off your garden from your neighbors or a public footpath that runs alongside your boundary, creating a hedge is a good solution. The fastest way to do it is to choose evergreen hedging plants. Some varieties, like the LeylandCypress,grow around 4ft a year. So within a year,you will easily end up with a hedge that is nearly as tall as a person. By year two your family will be able to enjoy total privacy.


Screen off sections of your garden

You do not necessarily have to create a hedge along the boundary of your property. Potentially, you could also use hedging plants to create internal screening in your garden. Using this idea, it is really easy to set up a little room-like space in your garden. Kind of a green snug, somewhere you can go to read, meditate or just enjoy a quiet chat with your other half.


Build a pergola

If you do not fancy using plants, do not worry because there are lots of fast and easy ways to create private spaces using a range of other materials. For example, a pergola will not take you long to construct. If you only want something temporary you can easily buy a popup gazebo. It is really easy to set up a long section of willow screeningand do so in just a few hours. If you do not like the look of that type of screen you could just use rolled bamboo instead.

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to create private spaces in your yard. All you need to do is to pick one of the above ideas and spend a few hours doing the work. All of these methods are fast and easy to implement. Plus, they take very little maintenanceonce they are in place.






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