Things To Do In and Around Kensington and West London


If visiting the capital is on this year’s hitlist, you’re probably debating where to go, what to do and most importantly, where to stay. The Kensington and West London areas are a fine choice and you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer. The area is well known for its sophisticated vibe, green spaces and cultural offerings, not to mention its swish bars and eateries.

If you are interested in British history and the monarchy you definitely won’t want to miss Kensington Palace! Take a look around one of the country’s most famous residence’s and explore the story and surroundings of Queen Victoria’s childhood. The Lady Diana exhibit is a must for any fashionista and not forgetting who recently took up residence in some of the apartments there… only both the Cambridge’s and the newly-wed Sussex’s!

If you are looking for shopping then the Westfield Centre has it all, a shopping and leisure centre to rival all others. Westfield is home to countless designer and luxury brands, eateries, coffee shops and leisure facilities. However, nearby Knightsbridge is famously known for its luxury department store Harrods, offering a shopping experience like no other. It claims to satiate every culinary need and has its own wellness clinic amongst many other personal services on offer. Alternatively head to Portobello Road for some quintessentially English Vintage shops and a bistro lunch.

When the weather is good, you may want to leave the shopping behind and take a walk down the Thames to a place called The River Café. Popular for its Mediterranean menu of seafood and home-made fresh pasta, this eatery also offers a beautiful outdoor dining experience with a crisp, cool vibe. If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, there’s no shortage of traditional pubs with cool names and beer gardens… all reasonably priced I might add!

Culturally speaking, West London is home to the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Royal Albert Hall. Holland Park showcases an open-air theatre where opera can be enjoyed in simply charming surroundings. The parks in this area are in general a pleasure, owing to the fact that they have been left alone by London’s incredible urban sprawl. Other areas you might want to check out are Little Venice, Bayswater and Notting Hill of course.

In the evenings it’s all about the music, the bars and the West End shows. Be sure to book ahead for the best prices and seat availability. There’s something for everyone during the evening it’s just a case of finding out what’s going on where.

And when it’s time to lay your hat after a busy London day, there truly is a broad variety of sleeping options. One of the more popular accommodations in any city these days is serviced apartments, privacy and independence with a dash of urban chic! Serviced apartments Kensington will give your stay a home from home feel with the added convenience of location and facilities. Hotels range from well-known chains to unique and boutique. Of course there is no shortage within the West London area, the key is to work out what you want from your accommodation and ask yourself how much time you expect to spend there.






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