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I hear the sighs of relief from parents all over as their kids end yet another school year. The early morning alarm calls and the school runs are put on hold for a few weeks, where you and your offspring get to enjoy one another’s delightful company, day after day, hour after hour, for the next six or so weeks…

Yeah, that ‘day after day, hour after hour’ is our life, day in, day out, thanks to our choice of taking the home ed option. Don’t get me wrong, we still think it was the right option for us but being together 24/7 isn’t easy. No way, not by a long shot. To say I haven’t thought about the potential blissdom (is it a word? I shall add it to my lexicon if not), of a few hours of peace and quiet for five days a week, most weeks of the year, would be lying. Because to be in one another’s company constantly is stressful at times. So yes, you parents that did go for the school option, enjoy your summer holidays, okay…? 😉

One thing that I do not miss though, is the unceasing struggle against the dreaded head lice. When our eldest children went to school it was a constant battle with those teeny beasts. Don’t be fooled, for their miniscule size does not at all correlate with the incredible power they hold, as anyone who has been unfortunate enough to embark on this battle of the hair-adoring critters will attest. It’s even more fun when you have daughters with long hair.

Oh, how I loved those endless evening battles as they sat, ever bored, whilst I painstakingly combed through their hair, determined to scrape out every sodding egg one by one from every, single, solitary strand that grew from their little heads. For the record, small children have a lot of hair. Furthermore, nothing tested my patience and theirs more than dealing with nits (the eggs) and head lice (the bugs).

Yes, I love head lice, said no parent, ever.

They are evil little bast… ions, yes, bastions of cruelty to everyone that has to deal with them. Especially when there seems to be ever growing evidence that head lice are continuing to develop a resistance to permethrin and malathion, two chemicals that are frequently used in head lice treatment products. But how true is this?

Ian Burgess, the Director of the Medical Entomology Centre, thinks that the problem is not necessarily that products don’t work, but because we just aren’t using them properly. ‘The fact that head lice are still with us in the UK is not due to products not working, even though some are more effective than others, but because people often don’t use them in a co-ordinated manner. For example, if your child comes home with head lice and you treat the infestation but some of the children in the class remain untreated, the infestation will continue to spread.’

Well, yes, but short of bringing everyone around and carrying out a mass bath/treatment process in your living room, what can you do?

Hedrin All-in-One Shampoo is a new treatment that is designed to tackle head lice with minimal fuss and bother. Unlike other products on the market, Hedrin is non-pesticidal. This means that head lice are unable to build up any resistance as there is nothing to build a resistance to. It also means that your child isn’t subject to pesticides themselves, leaving the product allergy certified, skin-friendly and without any distinctive smell.

What Hedrin All-in-One Shampoo does contain is dimeticone and octanediol (or Activdiol). Current evidence according to BMC Research Notes suggests that 100% of lice are eradicated with 4% dimeticone. How it does this is by coating the bugs and smothering them with silicone. This blocks the louse’s ability to manage water which results in it drowning. The latter ingredient then kills both the lice and the eggs by stripping away their outer layers, causing them to dehydrate to death. Did anyone else get an immense sense of satisfaction at the thought of that?

Hedrin All-in-One Shampoo is the latest in the Hedrin range of products which include Hedrin Treat & Go, Hedrin Once, Hedrin Protect & Go and Hedrin Stubborn Egg Loosening Lotion. You can find out more information on the entire range of products at www.hedrin.co.uk.

Now, how many of you found yourselves scratching an itch whilst reading this?

Yes, thought so…




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