The Best Multi-Purpose Exercise Shoes

Choosing a workout outfit might seem easy, but there’s one part that most people forget about: the footwear. Having exercise shoes that cover all of your needs can make a huge difference – thanks to Donaghys, we’ve been able to find some of the best multi-purpose exercise shoes on the market:



Trainers are versatile enough to be worn as a day-to-day shoe, but they also have a place in your exercise routine. If you like to switch between different workouts and techniques, but don’t have a particular routine in mind, they’re usually a solid choice.

You probably already have some lying around the house, so consider giving them a try until you’re confident in a certain routine. And be sure to find out how to wash shoes to keep them in top condition.


Hiking sandals

Unlike regular beach sandals, hiking sandals are meant to protect your feet from stones, blisters and heat, all at the same time. The usual disadvantages of sandals (no protection, doesn’t keep in body heat, etc) still apply, however,

They’re clearly not a great choice for poor-weather exercise, either, so they’re best used during spring and summer.


Cycling shoes

They’re obviously meant for cycling, but the grips on the bottom of these shoes make excellent hiking and walking footwear. They’re very enclosed and are designed to stay tight around your feet, which can make them a much better choice for long runs than looser trainers.

If your workouts are more casual and slow-paced, or you like to switch between cycling and travelling on foot, they can be far more comfortable and convenient than regular trainers.


Soccer/football shoes

Like trainers but flatter, these shoes will give you plenty of grip on smooth or straight surfaces. This can come in handy across plenty of different exercise types: climbing, running, organised sports and even something like free running, just to name a few.

The added flexibility of the sole also makes them fairly quiet, meaning that your footsteps won’t make annoying ‘click’ sound in tile or vinyl floors.


Cleat shoes

Shoes that use cleats are designed for outdoor use – trying to wear them inside will probably lead to you falling over or twisting your ankle. In softer grass or dirt, though, they become one of the most effective shoes for added stability, digging into the ground each time you put your foot down.

They’re best used for outdoor sports, but they could also be used for running and hiking if you’re not going to travel over solid surfaces.


Canvas shoes

Canvas is light and breathable, making it an excellent choice for activities that involve a lot of foot movement. Choosing something high quality, like mustang shoes, will often also give you a cushioned sole for extra comfort, making heavier workouts a little bit less painful on your feet.

Plus, they’re easy to clean, you can have them ready for your next run or exercise session in under an hour.


Hiking boots

Heavy hiking boots are best used for slow, measured workouts. Aside from hiking and walking, they can also be a great way to help ‘anchor’ your feet in place whilst doing upper body stretches or sit-ups, and provide decent protection if you drop a small weight or water bottle on your foot.

If you don’t feel like regular jogging is doing enough, they might be a simple way to add some more challenge to your usual afternoon jog, as long as you can get used to the stiff design.









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