5 reasons to use eco-friendly electric family cars

electric family cars


The family car is your home-away-from-home, whether you’re on long road-trip holidays or just nipping down to the shops for an hour. Thanks to hundreds of engineers and researchers, there are more options than ever when we’re trying to choose a car – experts at Go Green Leasing have helped us narrow down 5 reasons to use eco-friendly electric family cars.


Lower costs

Electric cars and hybrids don’t just cut down on emissions: they also cut down on costs. A true electric vehicle, with no gasoline engine to speak of, doesn’t need fuel or routine maintenance, making them much less of a budget-stretcher to own and far less expensive to use long-term.

The different engine also means that you won’t put the car in for repairs and checks as often – so you won’t have to pay a garage for oil changes and replacement parts. The extra costs could either go back into the family budget or be an excuse to go on even more road trips together.


You can charge them at home

If you decide that electric cars are the way to go, it’s not hard to get a specialised plug or charging point. This can save you plenty of money and unnecessary waiting, especially if you leave it to charge overnight during the lowest rate hours.


They can use renewable energy

Solar panels are becoming more and more common in modern homes, and if you’re lucky enough to generate extra power through them, you can cut down your charging costs even further – even if you’re only feeding it a few miles’ worth of power per day, that’s a few pennies shaved off every day, forever.

Some owners have taken this further and all but eliminated their charging costs, which can save thousands of pounds ‘in the background’ – no extra effort needed.


They’re easier to lease

Lease cars are a great way to get on the road for a cheaper price, and it’s no big secret that the public is still on the fence about electric family cars. This can actually work in your favour – dealers will offer them at lower rates and with more convenient terms behind them, so you’ll probably get a better deal right off the bat.

Since they need fewer repairs, too, you’ll not have to worry about returning it to the dealer with a worn-out engine or misaligned parts.


They’re usually just as good

The first ever electric cars started a stereotype of slow, clunky vehicles – which, unfortunately, still exists to this day. In reality, electric cars are almost equal to conventional cars, and can sometimes even be faster than the average family car being produced today. Storage space and safety features are more or less the same, too, with a few exceptions.

It’s definitely true that they aren’t for everybody, and they’ll have a few quirks to overlook, but electric cars are still evolving and improving every year. It’s only a matter of time until conventional cars are obsolete – so if you need a proper family car, it might be worth making the switch early.










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