4 Ways to Stave Off That 7 Year Itch


When you’ve been married for just a couple of years, you may very well encounter that phrase, the seven-year itch!  

Considered by many as a period when a marriage runs into a few hiccups and bumps in the road, 7 years is believed to be the time when a marriage starts to flounder.

The seven-year itch need not scare you as a couple if you consider these 4 simple steps.


Keep Those Lines of Communication Open Always

How many of us start out our relationships with exciting texts or passionate messages, talking about and sharing our feelings, even though we’ll most likely see each other again a few hours later?

Yet, once those wedding rings are firmly on our fingers, we rarely seem to do this, sometimes stopping altogether.

Similarly, many married couples also stop discussing their work days or various other things going on in their everyday lives once they navigate their married life together.

Communication is vital in every relationship if it’s to survive, flourish and achieve the levels of success it deserves. Who says you can’t keep sending such flirty texts and declaring your love once you’re married?


Make Every Anniversary Count

Each time you reach a wedding anniversary, it’s most certainly time to celebrate the fact! Marriage is tough, no matter how much effort and work you put into it, but that only serves to make it even more poignant when you do reach the milestone in this journey.

Make it a date to remember each time but, more importantly, devote quality time to it. Why not book this day off each year and spend the whole day together? Reflect on the year that’s passed and then make plans for an even better year ahead.

Remember, this date comes around every year, same time – never be so preoccupied that you forget to celebrate this time. Always make this a day to remember.


Don’t Forget the Importance of Intimacy in a Marriage

A crucial part of a marriage, intimacy is an area many couples lose sight of, mainly when tiredness hits through commitments such as work, homes, and family. It’s therefore so easy to fall into the trap of monotony and routine.

However, if you can keep that spark alive, reminding each other on a regular basis of what attracted you to the other in the first place, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun while tending to everyday life.

If you find this is an area where you may need a little help combating any sexual concerns, particularity regarding performance, don’t be afraid to look at some possible solutions such as herbal male enhancement pills.

Anything which can help you kick-start this area of your relationship again will work wonders for many more years to come.


Don’t Compare Your Marriage to Others

Finally, we all have our difficulties and tough weeks. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed we will come up against many obstacles in a long-term union. Yet, how we deal with them must be based on our own understanding of one another, not how we see others working in their marriage.

It’s so easy to look at other people’s relationships and base our own against how we think they are succeeding. However, what goes on behind closed doors is not necessarily what you see displayed in front of you!

Just as each couple is unique, so too is their marriage.  Thereby, by learning to focus on your own relationship, rather than that of others, you’ll soon realize what’s most important and what works best for you, and you only.







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