Old Time Music Styles for the Present Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Bluegrass music is part of the very essence of the Blue Ridge Mountains area. The music has evolved over the years, having its origins in the old time music of this part of the country. It’s a blend of music which was brought along by the English, Irish and Germans who settled in the region and the traditional music of the slaves who were kept on the plantations.

Now bluegrass is a musical phenomenon in its own right. Stop anywhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway and you are likely to be treated to performances that are hard to resist. This music is in the blood of local people.


Spend time at the Maggie Valley Opry

The Maggie Valley Opry is one of the Maggie Valley attractions that you do not want to miss. Locals and visitors have been entertained at the venue since 1988. The Opry is run by renowned banjo picker Raymond Fairchild, an inductee of the Bluegrass Hall of Fame, and his wife Shirley. There is a regular schedule of entertainment to enjoy and tickets can be booked online before traveling.


Enjoy the fun at Asheville Music Hall

Another must visit music venue in the Blue Ridge Mountains area is Asheville Music Hall. The Music Hall is a premier concert venue in the town so the music on offer is not just restricted to traditional old time tunes. Visitors are just as likely to be able to see rock and funk artists performing. However, Sunday is Bluegrass Brunch day every week, where old time traditions are embraced by present day performers. Asheville also plays host to several music festivals and events, to keep all music fans happy.


Visit the Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol

In downtown Bristol Virginia, visitors can pay homage to the town’s involvement in the birth of country music, as well as that of the other Bristol in Tennessee. The Birthplace of Country Music Museum is a place that any country music fan would not want to miss. The museum is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute and its central theme is the Bristol Sessions recordings which were made in 1927 and which featured many major musical talents of the time including the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers and Ernest V. Stoneman. There is also a Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion Festival which takes place in September.

There are many reasons to spend some time driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway, including stopping off to admire the stunning mountains and numerous waterfalls along the way. However, there is no doubt that even visitors who do not travel to the region to experience old time music styles such as bluegrass end up entranced by its sound before they leave. The music has its roots in old style tunes and performances but it’s still vibrant today, as musicians continue to spread its charm amongst anyone who travels to this part of the country.





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