9 of the Best Australian Road Trips


With a country as vast as Australia, there really is only one way to get around to ensure you see as much of the beautiful land down under as possible; and that’s via campervan, caravan or trailer.

The selection of campervans that Gumtree has to offer will have you wanting to embark on an Australian road trip as soon as possible, and with so many to choose from it can be extremely hard to narrow it down!

An Australian road trip really is one of the best ways to see the entire country from a unique perspective and will ensure that you obtain a truly incredible and memorable travel experience. Whether you’re travelling with kids, as a couple or as a group of friends, here are 9 of the best Australian road trips to endure.


The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

great ocean road 2 australia

Arguably one of the most famous and popular Australian road trips to take part in, the Great Ocean Road really is an incredible drive to experience in your lifetime. Not only are the views unlike anything else in the world, the drive itself will have you exploring things you didn’t even know existed. The immense 250km journey will guide you through some of the most stunning landscapes in the world; from rainforests to beatific coastline to rocky roads and mountains. A road trip along the Great Ocean Road really is a once in a lifetime treat to enjoy.


Eyre Peninsula

Located in the breathtaking scenery of South Australia, the Eyre Peninsula offers unparalleled views of the mesmerising coastline and ample opportunities to get up and close with nature’s finest creatures. From swimming with sea lions to luxuriating on some of the most beautiful beaches to simply adoring the best views that South Australia has to offer, a road trip to the Eyre Peninsula certainly won’t be one to regret or forget.


Red Centre Way

Yet another unforgettable road trip to enjoy in Australia is a leisurely trip along Red Centre Way. This journey will take you through desirable landscapes, canyons, gorges plus a plethora of walking, hiking and camping trails for you to enjoy. It’s a road trip that will stay with you forever. Make sure to grab these cooler boxes before embarking on your trip.


The Savannah Way

If you’re looking for an incredibly long and enduring road trip, then look no further than The Savannah Way. This journey totals a substantial 3700km so if you’re after a lengthy road trip then this one is for you. With stunning beaches, incredible National Parks and many more unbelievable sights to admire, this road trip is nothing short of extraordinary.


Cairns to Cape Tribulation

This northern slice of heaven will offer you some of the most gorgeous scenery and views to admire. Port Douglas is one of the most famous sights on this road trip and it’s sure to be one everyone will love and enjoy spending time at.


75-Mile Highway

The 75 Mile Highway resides on the world’s largest sand island and with 75 miles of breathtaking views, scenery and landscapes laid out before you, it’s sure to be a journey to remember. On this road trip you can indulge in admiring spectacular lakes as well as embarking on some off-roading adventures.


Legendary Pacific Coast

byron bay lighthouse australia

Another one of Australia’s most famous road trips, the journey from Sydney to Brisbane is certainly one of the most travelled treks in Oz. There’s so much to do and enjoy along this road trip, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice; relax at the tranquil beaches, explore cute little towns and watch the wildlife in a plethora of spots. Byron Bay also resides along this impeccable route, so you’ll never be too far away from some of the world’s most incredible views and sights.


Gibb River Road

The Gibb River Road route is potentially one of Australia’s most adventurous road trips that you can embark upon. This impressive feat of a journey will see you exploring gorges, waterfalls and some unbelievable camp sites. This road trip is only recommended to experience from May until the end of October once the road has been graded, but that shouldn’t discourage you; this road trip will provide you with incredible memories you can cherish forever!


Broome to Perth

perth australia

Along this road trip you’ll get to experience and enjoy some of the most breathtaking sights. Cable Beach will also provide you with the most magical experience of witnessing a camel train whereby the camels cluster together and walk along the desert; it’s something that you’re sure to never forget! You’ll also get to see some truly lovely National Parks as well as many more deserts.

With an abundance of amazing road trips to enjoy in Australia, it can be difficult to pick just one but hopefully this guide has provided you with some great insight into which road trip could be for you!







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