5 Ways to Motivate Your Family to Get Healthy


With medical issues like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer in children and adults becoming more prevalent in society, it is only natural that people are looking to make a change. Yet, when you’re used to doing things a certain way for years, getting everyone on board with the change can be easier said than done. It can be challenging to get your loved ones to understand the reasoning behind switching up their eating habits and getting more active – even if it is for their own good. If it’s felt like a struggle to get your family to adopt healthier habits, the solution may be nothing more than changing your approach.


Lead By Example

A healthy lifestyle, if you are surrounded by it, is contagious. In a family setting when mom and dad are busting there buns daily to eat health and exercise it will rub off on your kids, maybe even your neighbors! If you can’t quite convince everyone to be more active or eat better, start making changes on your own. It all starts with leading by example, which means working out yourself. To make it easier on your family life and parenting responsibilities, you can find a gym with a kids club so you can workout without having to stress about your kids. Also, consider making healthier food choices when preparing meals and allow them to see how great healthy food options can taste. As your family sees your behavior and the results from your actions, they’re more inclined to get onboard.


Do Things As a Family

When trying to adapt to change having a little support can go a long way. If there are one or two family members struggling with making and sticking to healthy routines, doing it together can make it easier. If you’re trying to get your children to eat healthier foods, for example, you should include them in the meal planning and preparation process. Can’t get your spouse to stay active? Schedule family walks after dinner to give them encouragement. You can even schedule family dental appointments; be sure to visit this experienced Family dentist in Greenville for the best services for your family.


Think Outside the Box

Somehow healthy living for many people equates to going to the gym and eating salads every day. Though these are some ways to improve your health, they aren’t your only options. When trying to inspire your family to be healthier, think outside of the box. Taking your kids to the park and playing a game of freeze tag is fun, but it’s also a great way to work up a sweat. Taking dance lessons with your spouse is a great date night idea, but it’s also an excellent way to stay in shape. Making pizza from wheat dough still gives your kids something they enjoy, but with better health benefits.  If you can get them to think beyond the traditional means of being healthy, it can often be what is required to get them to want to be healthier themselves.


Extracurricular Activities

Remember, as long as your kids are active, they’re improving their health. So, if you can’t convince them to take walks with you in the park or they’re “too old” for a game of freeze tag at the park, then consider extracurricular activities at the school or within the community. Sign them up for local sports teams, enroll them in a dance class, or even see if they’d be interested in gymnastics. They keep your kids moving and healthy without them thinking of it as exercise.


Reward Progress

Nothing motivates an individual like the prospect of getting rewarded for their actions. A great way to encourage healthy habits in the home is to offer a reward. If your children ate all their veggies for the week, maybe you treat them to frozen yogurt or a non-food item that lets them know you’re proud they’re making progress. It reinforces positive behavior and gives them something to feel good about.

Your family means the world to you. It’s only natural that you would want them to live the healthiest lives they can. If you’re trying to get them to turn over a new leaf to no avail, take a few deep breaths and consider your approach. Perhaps the best way to lead them to greener pastures is to be your best self, set a good example, have fun, get creative, and reward positive behavior. Eventually, they’ll see how beneficial making these changes are for their lives.





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