Reasons Why Your Car Needs Attention in Summer



The winter months can prove exceptionally tough on your vehicle – snow, rain, wind and ice are all contributing factors that can be detrimental to your car. The resilient weather conditions can mean that your car is put under immense pressure.

However, with summer well and truly underway now, you may think that you can relax when it comes to ensuring your car’s safety but it’s just as important as ever to look after your vehicle. The hot weather can put serious stress on your vehicle and while you may not realise it, the critical components of your car such as the engine, windows and tyres can face some dangerous damage if they’re not attended to properly.



Your tyres are the pinnacle of your driving safety; they keep you moving, they should be strong and sturdy and most of all they should be constantly checked throughout the summer months. The hot weather can put a lot of strain on your tyres and cause them to wear down, become balder and ever burst during particularly hot and dry spells! It’s imperative therefore, that you pay constant attention to the condition of your car’s tyres. If you are looking for puncture repair services in the South East, check Jet Wheel Tyre and its local depots in Essex.


Oil checks

The oil in your car is an integral component of your car’s safety at any time of year, but particularly in the summer months. You tend to use more oil during the summer, therefore it’s essential that you consistently keep it topped up. Oil is an incredibly important part of your car’s mechanism as it helps to keep your engine cool while driving, something which is imperative during the hotter months. Furthermore, it’s also important to note that you should never test your oil levels straight after a journey – wait until the engine is cool and then use the dipstick provided to check the levels.


Air conditioning

Air conditioning is yet another significant feature that needs to be regularly checked and maintained throughout summer. It can help to improve driver concentration which can be essential during long journeys, so you should aim to check your air conditioning system at least a few weeks before the hot weather rolls around so you have ample time to fix any failings.



The summer months can also cause problems to your brakes as the hot weather can result in your brakes and clutches’ surfaces altering, meaning that they’re likely to lose grip and can be potentially dangerous to not only you as a driver, but also to other motorists.

Of course, there are several other vehicle components that need to be consistently maintained such as potential water leaks and rubber belt failures.

Failure to carry out regular checks to your vehicle can prove to be incredibly hazardous to road users of all kinds. Brake failures, damaged tyres and an unsuitable air conditioning system are all factors that need to be monitored regularly throughout summer, with any issues requiring repairs being carried out as soon as possible.





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