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We all struggle to keep our home and garden looking tidy and pristine – especially if you have a big family with lots of kids jumping around. Sometimes it can feel as if everything is littered with toys, and other bits and bobs, making it hard to keep on top of things. We have created a list of storage ideas for you, so you can keep your homes looking as good as possible.


Garden Storage Bench

Garden storage benches are fantastic because of course they serve a dual purpose which is perfect if your garden is a little on the small side. You can get some that look great and fit in with your garden furniture, so they don’t look out of place. They tend to have a section that you can lift up, and put things in, so everything is completely disguised. It isn’t massive in terms of room – but it can definitely fit in some garden toys or tools that you don’t want lying out all the time.  You can even put some cushions on the top of it to make it more aesthetically pleasing and fit in with your garden – and colour co-ordinate with the rest of your garden furniture.


Garden Shed

If you have enough space in your garden, garden sheds are a great idea. It can store all of your bigger garden tools such as lawnmowers etc – as well as other things that you may want to store away for winter. If there is room, or you are in to DIY – you can even turn it into a little workshop or den for yourself and get some peace and quiet on occasion. You can make a shed homely too. Pop in a mini fridge and a comfy seat and make your own. The sheds from Buy Sheds Direct are a great range to choose from as they come in a range os sizes and styles.You can make them look great with nice plant pots out the front – so they actually become a feature of your garden.  


Weatherproof Garden Storage Boxes

Weatherproof garden storage boxes are much like storage boxes you may use in your house to put toys etc under beds except they are weatherproof – so you don’t need to worry about getting anything damp and soggy. Everything will stay in tact. They are great storage for odds and ends lying in the garden and aren’t too big – so can be put in a corner of the garden that you don’t use. The only thing with these is they aren’t as decorative as some other garden storage options – but there are ways you can jazz it up! You could perhaps give it a cost of paint to put your stamp on it.


A Garden Tool Tidy

This isn’t something that you can use for storing lawnmowers or anything big like that, but it can be useful. If you have gardening tools such as rakes and shovels that you often find you leave lying about after a spot of gardening – you can put them in a garden tidy. It’s much like a desk tidy – but for garden tools! This is a good alternative storage solution for those of you who don’t have very large gardens.  It also means that your garden tools are neatly on hand whenever you need them in the warmer weather. The only thing is, you may need to make sure your garden is safe and secure – as if left in sight could be at risk of being taken.


A Garage

A garage is often used as a storage solution as opposed to just a parking space or a place to put your car. There tends to be lots of room available and can be a great place to put all of your garden tools.  You can even pop your garden furniture in there when the weather is bad, or anything else that you would worry about getting damaged. As long as your garage has a padlock – you can rest assured that your belongings will be kept secure, and safe.  The only thing about garages, is that you can end up putting things you don’t really need in there – and before you know it it’s filled wit h stuff that you will end up needing to take to the dump one day.  


Double or Triple Wheelies

Does your garden look fantastic expect for those wheelie bins?  Of course, every house needs them, and more than one due to recycling etc – but they aren’t the most attractive items in the world.  You can get double and triple wheelie storage solutions in all kinds of styles. You can pop your wheelie bin in there, and they won’t look out of place in your garden which is where most people tend to keep them.


Metal Bike Storage

If you are a cycling fan and have a big family with a lot of bikes – then there are great metal bike storage options that might work for you.  It gives you a secure place to put your bikes – and it is much better than having them lying on the back garden after you have finished cycling.  You also don’t want to get any dirty tires on your nice carpet or floors, so this could be a good alternative option for you. Having things nice and neat is a much better way to store them, and they don’t need to cost a lot of money.  

If you want to get your garden looking ship-shape in time for summer, then why not try out some of these garden storage options? That way you can keep everything out of the way and tidy.  You will be ready to host your next garden party or barbeque in no time.





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