The Teambuilding Turnover – Taking a Unique Approach to Company Events


There are only so many generic team building trust exercises that one employee can handle. Please, not another ‘trust fall’ situation, there have been enough office-worker victims sacrificed to this cringe-worthy display of utter crapitude, enough already!

How about something different and fun. Yes, FUN. That’s how team building should be, and we are here to show you how to turn things around. Here’s the team building takeover, your 101 to taking a unique approach to company events (spreadsheet not included).


Bounce to it

Why not take getting jiggy with it in the office to new levels? We are talking about this trampoline park in Melbourne. We can only wonder what you were you thinking TSK TSK! Indoor trampolining (alongside rock climbing and aerial sports) has become super popular over recent times.

Trampoline parks certainly put a new spin on exploring issues of support, comfort zones and taking initiative. It’s certainly an enjoyable and challenging activity, and somehow still infinitely less dangerous than an office romance!


Zombie nation  

How would you fare in a zombie attack? As a team building exercise, being able to navigate an apocalypse of the undead is sure to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is great for creative problem solving and the spirit of collaboration. You can get involved in an organised zombie obstacle race or, you could make use of a conference room to stage your own.

Room escape adventures (featuring zombies or otherwise) are fast becoming popular pastimes in most major cities. The 9 til 5 drain can have us all feeling like a zombie at some point or another, your colleagues just never thought things would become quite so literal!


It’s a cook-off

So, your co-worker might be fantastic with algorithms, but is he or she as good with a pot, a pan and an apron? Stage a corporate cook-off to find out. This is a fantastic way to breed a renewed sense of camaraderie through a good laugh over some yummy food.

You can tailor these events to suit your particular workplace and dietary requirements. The participants go away with extra skills they can put to use in daily life. A cook-off could form an effective precursor to many a dinner party in the future. It’s win-win, especially when it results in plenty more fresh baked brownies readily available around the office!


Paint and a pint

What’s the perfect wind-down from corporate life? Letting loose creatively alongside a cheeky drink or two, of course! However, it need not involve a tipple; there are so many options when it comes to painting event nights in your local community.

Once again, this event includes a great added benefit for your teammates by way of the their very own canvas. Plus, they get to develop a rare sense of what makes the people they work with tick outside the office space. There’s also the ripe opportunity to discover the power of the left side of the brain, and to potentially unearth hidden talent. Who knows, it might just kick-off the creation of a masterpiece!


Dancing in the dark

Dancing in the dark isn’t just the name of a Bruce Springsteen song, it’s also the brilliant concept behind free movement in a blackout room. This means you can get fully into your groove with absolutely no inhibitions. One of the most well-known of these would have to be no lights, no lycra.

It’s the perfect way to relax your teammates and leave them feeling bonded through the transcendental nature of dance. Free expression and joy are the central tenets to this fantastic experience that is sure to leave smiles on faces, and a spring in the steps of each and every participant. So, go get footloose!


The teambuilding turnover

Increasing morale around the office and fostering a sense of teamwork is integral in order to stymy staff turnover and its impact on business. All in all, it’s important to realise that retaining employees does involves a little FUN every now and then.

So, we hope you take away a great idea from our unique list of corporate events, and are looking forward to your very next team building exercise (no egg-and-spoon-races included).







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