Love Online Shopping? Here’s How to Make Returns Easier


Spring has sprung and it seems to have flung us full force into redecorating the children’s bedrooms. New furniture, decor and general decorating products are being ordered left, right and centre whilst the bank balance screams pleadingly for mercy.

Mercy, it’s evident, is still a long way off somewhere in the distant future. For now it seems likely that the delivery man will not only be on our Christmas card list but quite possibly joining us for the festivities if his current daily visiting rate is anything to go by.

Much of our deliveries seem to be coming from our seasoned go-to site, Amazon. With my Prime delivery service, it’s not unusual for the older kids to ask me to place orders on their behalf too. I’m not much of a shopper and much prefer the convenience of online shopping to having to traipse around busy shopping centres, vying for personal space whilst simultaneously attempting to avoid both the pushy-and-thinly-veiled-as-helpful offers of help from sales assistants, along with the Mission Impossible dash past the perfumery and cosmetic counters in all their blingy, glitzy, scent-ridden multi-sensory overlaiden glory.

Online shopping wins hands down every time.

Except when you purchase something that doesn’t quite fit, doesn’t look the same as the image portrayed it as doing or is completely different to the item you actually ordered. Then, it is easy for online shopping to become a hindrance rather than a convenient help.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that arranging returns can be made less of a hassle, with the service from Contact Numbers UK being one of them. No longer do you need to scale websites seeking the right number for the right department, and no more do you need to wait for replies from online queries. Arranging returns with companies such as Amazon and Very are now so much easier, enabling you to speak directly with a member of the company’s customer service team on the phone and in real time, ensuring your problem is dealt with quickly, efficiently and to your satisfaction.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when dealing with online orders and will make the returns process much simpler all round. . Here are some tips to bear in mind the next time the delivery person calls:

  • Keep all the original packaging for products until they have been checked over and you are satisfied that you are happy with them.

  • Keep all parts and accessories together as the complete package will usually need to be returned as a whole

  • Clearly identify and explain why you want to return the item

  • Decide whether  you would prefer a refund or a replacement

  • If your product has become faulty check the returns policy of the company you bought from. Ensure you keep all warranties for 12 months, which is the usual timeframe that your products will be covered under guarantee

  • Answer any questions politely and calmly. Remember, customer service agents are there to help you and as the saying goes, you catch more flies with jam than with vinegar!

Want to know more? Follow Contact Numbers UK’s campaign on social media with the hashtag #ReturnsPolicy for the latest tips and advice.

Me? I’m off to do a little more shopping now. Online, of course…


*This post was written in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK.



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