African Travel: The Best Beaches on the Continent


When it comes to tourist attractions, Africa is known for its wildlife than it is known for its beaches. When tourist come to Africa, they are coming to appreciate the animals and the culture, but never the beaches. However, Africa has its parades of beaches, with some so cool and enticing that you may never want to leave. Therefore, the next time you go for passport renewal for a trip to Africa, don’t just think about the Safaris alone. Take some time and explore the beaches the content has in store for you. Here is a look at some of the top beaches worth checking out in the continents:


Bazaruto Beach in Mozambique

Bazaruto is off the coast of Mozambique, and it is located within a marine park right in the heart of the Indian Ocean. The sand is fine, the waters crystal clear and it is a prime location for those who love snorkeling, luxury digs, and diving.


Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt

There are very good reason why Sharm el-Sheikh is now Egypt’s resort capital and this is due to the warm, crystal clear waters and the expansive beaches which are a literal magnet for sunbathers and swimmers from all parts of the world. The area is reputed as one of the leading diving in the world, especially if you head towards the reefs on the Red Sea. If you are the kind of beachgoer who may be interested in just hanging out on the beach without being bothered by the hot sun, then this would make the perfect beach for you.


North Island in Seychelles

North Island in Seychelles is also known as the Sunset Beach and it is famed for its giant tortoises which are found of roaming and grazing freely on the beach. During sunsets, the sea changes into a warm pink color, and such an ambiance, coupled with soft tunes playing from the West Beach Bar, you get the right ingredients for the perfect beach relaxation. You will be surprised to know this beach was the honeymoon destination for certain prominent personalities like William and Kate Middleton, and George and Amal Clooney. If the beach was good enough for such people, then it is also good enough for you, and so you should make a point of visiting.


Watamu Beach in Kenya

Watamu Beach in Kenya is inone of the best beaches in Africa, boasting of soft white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters. The beach is part of the Malindi Marine Reserve Park – a marine protected area, implying that the beach is pristine, very clean and exceedingly inviting. With the offshore coral formations, Watamu has the perfect spots for snorkeling and diving. Additionally, it is never crowded, making it ideal for those who don’t like crowds but would rather spend time quietly in nice and serene beaches.


Diani Beach in Kenya

Diani Beach is just one hour away from the coastal town of Mombasa, and it features a 20km stretch, kept pristine and clear, with no presence of seaweeds. It is a literal coastal paradise and a beach destination visited by thousands of vacationers throughout the year. Since the beach is part of a park, you will get more than just sun and sand here. You will be treated to magnificent views of wildlife and plant varieties, including the rare colobus monkey.


Nungwi Beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is a laid-back island in Tanzania, and it boasts of lots of pristine beaches, with Nungwi being one of the most cherished ones. The beach is to the north of the island, and though it used to be a simple fishing village back in the days, it has transformed into a popular holiday destination, attracting thousands of visitors all year round. The waters are perfect and the people are also wonderful, always ready to welcome visitors with both open arms.


Grand Bassam Beach in Ivory Coast

Grand Bassam is the original capital of Ivory Coast, and over the years, it has declined from its original glory of a vibrant colonial seaport. But after the 1960s, it has seen some revivals and now it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The shores are lined with palm trees, the sands are white and soft, with crystal clear waters. The other thing you will also find amazing in this beach is Ivorian seafood which you will find tempting to resist.


Chitimba Beach in Malawi

Chitimba Beach in Malawi has nothing extraordinary, except for the peaceful stretch which makes up the inland beach. The area is surrounded by densely vegetated hills, creating some sort of tropical paradise where you could just go and rest if you didn’t want to take a dip. Besides, it is a great place to go camping, and there are camp guides to take you on the tours of the hills if you have the energy to do some hiking.


Belle Mare Beach in Mauritius

Mauritius is a hot travel destination and one which most Americans rush for passport renewal services to go and enjoy during the warm months of summer. Though it has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions, one of the places you must never miss to visit is the Belle Mare Beach. If you have been to French Polynesia or the Maldives, then the experience you get in Belle Mare Beach is nearly similar, in terms of the quality of the beaches. The beach is barely undeveloped and almost secluded, making it an ideal location for honeymooners or those who desire some decent amount of privacy, but with a great beach experience.


Ifaty Beach in Madagascar

If your ideal beach experience is to relax on a wide stretch of a white sandy beach where lazy palm trees provide the shade and with no stripped umbrellas, then you have every reason to check out Ifaty Beach in Madagascar. The beach is on the southwest coast of the country, and you will find parts of it’s lined with fishermen houses made from natural materials. If you happen to visit this beach during the months of August and July, then you may be lucky to catch a glimpse of whales.






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