3 Mental Health Blogs to Follow to Improve Your Wellbeing

Blogging is the in thing and it does not seem to be going away any time soon. Thanks to the advent of blogs, you can now take advantage of free information that is found online, especially in the department of mental health where people face a lot of stigma.

Here are the best mental health blogs that will improve your wellbeing:


Tiny Buddha Blog

This mental health site is the handy work of Lori Deschene and it gives its readers a supportive community and provides information about emotional and mental problems that they might be undergoing. Travelers, life coaches, and musicians write the posts, meaning that you will get advice from a number of different sources.

You will find nine categories on the site, including change, fun, happiness, and challenges. The articles are written in a list format, making it easier for you to process the information. Usually, the posts describe the authors’ personal experiences that they overcame. If you want to know how to overcome the same mental health issues, you should read the blog.

There is a disclaimer on the site that the information provided is not meant to be medical, legal, or professional. This means that although you need to read the blog to learn a few things, you should not throw away your anxiety meds or stop seeing your doctor. If you are going through mental health issues, you need to see an expert to get a diagnosis.

If you need insurance coverage, you should look into Medicare if you are 65 or older. You can read more about Medicare Part C in this article provided by HealthMarkets.


Julia Claire Friedman Blog

The blog owner is a life coach who writes about mental health issues from a spiritual point of view. The blog details her personal journey and covers how she recovered from an eating disorder, sexual trauma, addiction, and PTSD. If you need help in overcoming any of these issues, you should read the Julia Claire Friedman blog.

From her articles, you will learn how to listen to your body and heal past wounds. In a June post, Julia writes that you can heal your wounds by asking your body what it needs when you are hurting. When you find out the answer to this question, you should give your body what it is asking for.

Her blog stands out from others because she is open when it comes to revealing her struggles and pain as well as talking about her path to recovery. Because mental health has a lot of stigma attached to it, openness is vital because readers need to know that they are not alone. Julia is a source of inspiration for many because she talks about her struggles on an open platform.


Elephant Journal Blog

Just like the Tiny Buddha site, this one is dedicated to ensuring that the readers live a good and full life. It started as a magazine and mostly stresses the importance of yoga and sustainability as well as other things that readers can do to positively impact their health. When you visit the wellness category, you will see a list of posts that will enlighten you.

Elephant Journal is a guide to living a life that is mindful of others; it covers organics, genuine spirituality, and fair fashion. When you visit the blog, you will find all your information in one place. It has things that will help you to live a full life and improve your overall wellbeing.

If you think that you have a mental health condition, the site encourages you to seek help from a professional.






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