Travelling Tastebuds: Our Top Delicious Delicacies from Around the World



If you are planning your holiday and just can’t make your mind up where to go, why not let your tastebuds decide for you! Whether it’s a European destination or somewhere a bit more far flung, there is always going to be an exciting local cuisine to try. Many destinations are known for their individual and sometimes weird but wonderful delicacies, if you’re the adventuress type you won’t want to miss out. Here are some of the world’s top destinations to consider and their iconic delicacies…



snail shells

What’s not to love about France? The language of love, the Eiffel tower, the crepe, macaroons and of course… escargots! The French are in love with their snails, cooked with garlic, butter and parsley, this is definitely an iconic delicacy not to pass on.



greek coffee villa anna maria

There are plenty of tantalising dishes to try if you’re thinking of heading to Greece for some summer sun, from the popular moussaka to Greek salad and gyros kebab. But have you tried their coffee? Greek Coffee or Ellinikos as it’s called, is boiled up in a copper pot called a briki. It has a rich but earthy taste and is served as a short coffee with or without sugar but never with milk!



pad thai

If a trip to Thailand is on the horizon you are in for a treat, the use of aromatic herbs and spices give Thai food its recognisably fresh and fragrant allure. Visit Krabi with for some truly revitalising cuisine such as tom yum soup or a traditional pad-thai.




Russia too is a popular destination to visit this year with the arrival of the world cup. Russia is steeped in culture and beautified with churches and architecture, Moscow’s hospitality and cuisine is renowned for its warmth despite the cold! Try the famous sour soup called borscht.


Hong Kong

fried rice

Hong Kong can be described as the capital of culinary delights in Asia. As a destination it is versatile, and its cuisine can be both traditional and contemporary in style. Why not try a signature fried rice with a simple yet well-loved desert such as double skin milk. Sometimes simple is just as good!



brasil food

Brazil is known for its barbeque meat. It also has an array of food delicacies that can be both suitable and unsuitable for visitors. Don’t forget that when your unaccustomed to a countries foods and preparation methods you can be left feeling a little unwell. A safe bet in Brazil is a popular chocolatey truffle known as brigadeiro, traditionally they are eaten at parties and to celebrate birthdays. You really should try an exotic fish stew called moqueca too!






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