Crossing The USA In The Best Way


How Do You Want To Travel?

Especially if you’re considering living in the US, you need to know where to settle. The best way to figure that out is to travel the US—this is a good plan even if you don’t intend to live here perpetually; there are some adventures to be had!

There are a lot of ways you can get across the United States. A favorite film epitomizing this concept was shot in the 80s and stars John Candy as well as Steve Martin. It’s a film aimed at adults, and it’s worth a laugh—Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. In the film, Steve and John must use all three methods of travel to cross the US for Thanksgiving.

These fictional characters go through some real hassles that, if you’re reading this, you’re likely looking to avoid. You can certainly avoid them! It just requires a little planning and forethought. For example, do you plan on taking a slow trek across the country with as little necessary input as possible? Would you like to have a few brews while you travel?

You might want to take a train in such an instance. There are trains that run all around the east and northeast, trains go up and down the west coast, and there’s a line that goes from Chicago into the west as well. You can check Amtrak’s site to see where lines are, how much it costs to travel, and how long it takes. But trains, though convenient and cost effective, are a mode of transport that doesn’t really tell the story of the United States. Plus, they take a long time. If you want to really enjoy each destination you travel to in the US, you want to diminish travel time.


Some Numbers For Perspective

Crossing the country from New York to Los Angeles is a 2,777-mile trip that would take you approximately 42 hours to drive in a straight shot, provided you don’t get sidelined by road construction, rest inordinately long periods of time, and go the speed limit. That’s a long trip!

If you drove 10.5 hours a day, it would take you four days to accomplish. Also, you’ll likely have to pay for lodging—unless, of course, you decide to rent a motorhome and really take your time. This will be more costly, but you can truly explore at your leisure—and there are mobile home solutions to that affect available today. Still, that’s going to be very expensive.


Chartering A Flight

Honestly, your best possible choice is going to be chartering a flight. Oftentimes this will be comparable in price to the other options explored here, but it will be something you can do much more quickly and comfortably.

On a chartered flight you can leave on your time, you don’t have to worry about ten thousand hours fighting with the TSA or standing in line, and you can stretch your legs. The staff operating the plane will be more polite to you, you’ll be able to get better meals, likely use your computer equipment, and generally have a better time.

Chartering a flight is especially considerable if you’re in a group. A business trip will be much more impressive if you charter travel via private jet. And if you’re just traveling for the purposes of vacation, one place you simply must visit is the seat of Americanism, Texas. As Dublin is to Ireland, Dallas is to America—and there are fine flight chartering options available there.

If you’re thinking you might want to book a charter flight to Texas, or from Texas, offers some considerable solutions; according to the site: “Stratos Jet Charters has access to countless business and private jets all around the country. Having access to a large pool of luxury aircraft nationwide allows us to provide you with multiple options for your Dallas charter flights.”


Walking, Hitching, and Cycling

Lastly, two other common means of crossing the United States may just be the cheapest, most dangerous, most time consuming, and most adventurous. You can hitchhike, or you can bicycle across the country—and thousands of people who are local to the country do that annually.

If you can make fifty miles a day, you could make a four-month holiday out of traveling from New York to Los Angeles during the warm months of the year (mid-May to early October—throughout this time it’ll likely be warmer than Ireland on average, except for Alaska and the island state of Hawaii).


The Distance Recommends Chartered Flights

Certainly, going such a vagabond route is the least recommendable of all travel options in the US. The most recommendable, if you’ve got the budget for it, will be chartering a flight; and of course you can take non-chartered flying, driving, and locomotive options as well. Ultimately, how you decide to travel the country is up to you. New York to LA is 2,777 miles, Seattle to Miami is 3,300 miles and 49 hours.

If you really want to get the spread of the country, you could travel from Miami to Anchorage, Alaska; which would be a 4,952-mile trip, and include much of Canada. As you can see, with distances like these, your safest, most comfortable, expedient option will be chartering a flight. But it’s up to you!





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