Travelling with kids: The Cool Converted Camper


Camping can be the most fun and fulfilling kind of holiday to take with children. It allows the whole family to reconnect and escape the daily grind. Most of all it inspires adventure and gives you freedom to roam. It’s the dream isn’t it? Packing up the essentials, you’ve got your outdoor gear, some family games and your off! Don’t however think that it’s going to be sunshine and rainbows all day every day, I mean what holiday with kids ever is? If your trading in the package holiday for an ultra-cool converted campervan, take the time to do some planning beforehand. Whether you’re travelling with young children or older kids, they will need some form of entertainment while you’re fighting over the map.

So, let’s talk wheels… there aren’t many campers out there that can turn heads and offer the best in amenities. If you’re looking for both, check out a VW camper specialist, they can help you find the right vehicle for your family and needs. If storage space is high on the agenda, make sure you choose wisely and remember to pack mindfully. Once you’ve got your wheels sorted it’s time to plan a route, look at the stops you’re going to need to make and any activities you want to do. It’s a great idea to create an itinerary, if it’s your first time, it’s worth looking for a tried and tested route that other families have done. There are plenty of blogs and forums out there for ideas and advice, so go ahead and use them!

Campervanning is about the great outdoors and having freedom, but it’s vital that your little one’s (or big one’s) feel safe, happy and entertained. Let them pack their own bag, but supervise to avoid unnecessary items, space is vital on this type of trip! Books, colouring, puzzles and games are all great to take with you, but it is well worth thinking about travel versions. If they can’t do without a special toy or blanket, let them take it, it could save any upset later on.

It’s a great idea for children to document their own experiences of travelling, it gives them the opportunity to remember and reflect. Each day you could encourage them to write a journal entry, draw a picture or stick some pictures into a scrapbook. This is an inspiring activity which will give them a sort of routine each day, particularly useful on a long trip where kids might get a little homesick.

Consider how you will cook and what you will need for a comfortable sleep. If everyone is well fed and rested, you have the recipe for a successful trip! Planning a menu will help with time and money, take it in turns to cook and get the children involved. Preparing, cooking and cleaning will take up a good portion of the day, make it enjoyable and you’ll find it satisfying activity. Make sure you have your sleeping arrangements sussed, don’t run the risk of being too cold or too hot, check weather forecasts and pack accordingly. Make the most out of your trip and it will be one they remember, travelling by camper is a great experience for everyone, so be prepared and enjoy!




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