How to take your bathroom from dated to sophisticated

If taking a shower is more of a chore than a pleasure, it may be time to update your bathroom suite and rethink the overall décor. Updating your bathroom will not only add value to your home, it will also benefit your health by providing an escape from the outside world.  A bathroom is somewhere you can invigorate and energise, where you can be yourself and prepare for the day ahead. It should also be somewhere calm and tranquil where you can unwind from the world, somewhere you can relax and soak away stress. If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom, think about how you want to feel when you’re using it. Some of us prefer a nice hot power shower to a long soak in the bath. Accordingly, how you plan to use your bathroom will also shape how and where you spend your money.

If your existing layout just isn’t working, think about re-configuring. Measure your space and play around with the different components to find what works best. Ask a builder or plumber to give you their opinion too, they’ll know about costing and what is or isn’t possible. This would also be the ideal time to assess any water pressure issues you may have – one of the biggest complaints we have about our homes is the irritating lack of pressure. Insufficient water pressure can make filling a bath and showering both time-consuming and frustrating. To correct this problem, you should consider installing salamander booster pumps. Fast flowing tap water and a powerful shower will literally change your life and is well worth the money!

Layout sorted and problems with water pressure solved, you’re now ready to create the bathroom of your dreams. First off, you’ll need to select a style. Contemporary suites are simplistic and make use of curved lines. Generally speaking, they feature a range of functions and features that will also give you that spa-like feel.  If you are more traditionally minded, there are some very elegant styles to choose from. Victorian suites are especially popular; their free-standing baths with roll tops exude luxury.

To continue a sophisticated look, think about a statement floor or a bold printed wallpaper. Wallpaper in a bathroom can be very powerful and effective in creating atmosphere. As long as you have a sufficient extractor and don’t get the paper directly wet, wallpaper in a bathroom is absolutely fine. If you’re going to paint on the other hand, choose a specialist bathroom paint to prevent watermarks and peeling due to moisture. Choosing two colours in a scheme will create balance, for a super stylish colour combination go monochrome. Forget about brass, it’s all about black at the moment, choose matt black hardware for a really refined, on-trend look.

Finally, make those all-important finishing touches. Add texture to your room for interest and depth and this can easily be achieved with some glossy tiles or some elegant wood panelling. Lighting is also important – it’s great to have good lighting in a bathroom for things like makeup but it’s also important to be able to dial it down for atmosphere. If it’s not possible to alter lighting, get yourself some good pillar candles for when you want to relax in the bath. Incorporate a glamorous mirror and coordinating soft furnishings and a good portion of greenery to dress the wall and create light and space. Build it up or keep it simple. This is your space, your retreat.




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