Big News! Not All Rooms Can Handle the Hardwood Floor!


Wood finish floors! Would you not like to have such flooring for your home? Well, before you do invest in it, you will need to think about the rooms that would be compatible for hardwood floors. You thought that hardwood floors would look good in every room, while that’s true, not all rooms can appreciate the hardwood floor.

Engineered and solid oak flooring company is what you need, they have experts to help you find superior quality hardwood flooring options, like oak flooring. All that you need after that is the know which room would be suitable for hardwood floors.


Which Rooms Would Be Perfect for Hardwood Floors?

Having rooms with a rich wooden floor, would add a certain degree of elegance to the whole house, but not all rooms can handle a hardwood floors. Here are some rooms that look beautiful and are compatible for hardwood floors, all you need to do is maintain it:

o   Living Room: For a warm and cosy, yet elegant look, you can always turn to the hardwood floors. They exude the warmth and elegance, that you want in your rooms, especially the ones welcoming guests. Even if butterfingered guests spill a drink, you need not worry about staining as long as you clean it up ASAP. A doormat at the entrance can wonders for maintenance of hardwood floors.

o   Dining Room: Whatever look you want your dining room to have, hardwood floors can look good with all. Whether casual or formal, you could always add a hardwood floor to the room and enhance the overall look of the room. This kind of flooring option has dual benefits of enhancing the look of the room and being effectively functional at the same time.

o   The Den: When you accentuate the look of the room with hardwood floors, a comfy rug and a cosy setup, you get the perfect Den. Read a book, watch TV or just indulge in some chitchat with friends.

o   Home Office: Hardwood flooring is supposed to generate a positive vibe in the room. This helps individuals to focus and improve productivity. These things are vital to any office space. Adding a hardwood floor to your home office will definitely improve your work output. It is known to create an elegant, yet cosy room, which is perfect for working through the day.

o   Master Suite: Hardwood is an option that created a unique and romantic space. Its rich and appealing look can always create a room that is perfect for couples. Whether you are newly-weds or have been going strong for years, a master suite with a hardwood floor can create a romantic and aesthetically appealing room.

o   Kitchen: There is a reason that we mention this one at the end of the list. There are ifs and buts you should consider before using hardwood flooring in the kitchen. It would be compatible for hardwood, provided you clean up the spills and never use steam mops. You would want to look at engineered hardwood flooring options, as they handle moisture better than solid hardwood floors.


Which Rooms Are Not Perfect for Hardwood Floors?

The superior look and textures, may tempt you to use it in each and every room of the house. Do not fall in to such temptations, otherwise, you could be burning a hole through your finances, in maintenance charges. Here are some rooms that would not be compatible for hardwood floors:

o   Bathroom: Water and wood do not gel well together. With prolonged exposure to water, your hardwood floors are bound to rot away. Would you really want your investment to go down the drain? Adding hardwood floors to your bathroom will ensure that the money does go down the drain. The reason? Spending loads on replacement and repairs.

o   Laundry Room: This is perhaps the least visited rooms when you have guests over, so why invest in hardwood flooring, when any flooring type will do the job. On top of that, you have to be careful not to spill detergent or other cleaning liquids on the floor. Maintain the clothes washer, otherwise, a leak in it, could have disastrous effects for your hardwood floors.

o   Foyer: This is the welcoming pad to any house, making it one of the dirtiest places. You carry in dirt, sand and what not, with your shoes. This can cause scratches that might be invisible initially, but over-time ruin the look of the hardwood floors completely. If it is the rainy season, then you can completely forget about maintaining the floors. Wet shoes lead to moisture seeping in and cause the planks to swell up, which will split the wood. Do you really want the foyer to look like the beginning of a horror story?

Everything has a place. Hardwood is no different! It does look beautiful, but it has a place. Not all rooms are compatible enough to maintain the hardwood floor and its beauty. Talk to the professionals at Nexus Flooring, as they will help you design and advice you on which rooms are best suited for hardwood flooring.





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