Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Food Bill


We’ve all been there… you’re furiously packing your shopping when the assistant asks for an amount that’s three times you earn in a day! How much? It’s a silent thought but it’s written all over your face. Our supermarket bill is usually the second highest outgoing after either rent or a mortgage payment, it’s also one of the easiest areas to save in. Follow these simple steps to reducing your food bill every time.


Plan your shop

Before you even hit the shops (or the internet), take time to think about what you really need. The best way to save is to stop buying unnecessary items and plan your meals, write your ingredients out and have an idea for the leftovers. Keep stock cubes in the cupboard and use with left-over veggies for a stew or soup. If you do this consistently each week you will find that you’re not only saving money, but your cupboards won’t be full of useless items.


Reduce your waste

Don’t throw money down the drain because you don’t feel like what’s in the fridge or because it’s gone out of date. If you’re not going to use it in time, freeze it. Same for left-overs, you’re not only creating a freezer stock but reducing the amount you throw away. An even better idea is to take it to work the next day!


Try own brands and budget ranges

If you’re worried about suddenly switching all your products, test a few items per week. If you find that the toilet paper just isn’t up to par, then switchback. You’re more than likely to find items that you can’t tell the difference between, such as beans and pasta.


Shop around

It’s no secret that supermarkets have different offers and that the prices of their other products fluctuate to compensate. Use bargain shops too, their selection of branded products at low prices can really save you money, especially on items you buy monthly like washing liquid and dishwasher tabs.


Beware of false offers and pre-packaged items

Don’t buy £1 offers unless you’re sure it’s worth it! Will you really eat 2 kilos of carrots before they go off? Whereas a deal on dishwasher tablets would be worth it as they can be stored. Buy one get one free offers can make you buy more than you need and picking loose fruit and veg is almost always cheaper than the perfect looking pre-packed ones.


What are your top tips for saving money on the weekly shop?





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