How to Stay Active with Limited Mobility



If you suffer with limited mobility you will find that it becomes difficult to move around. So yes, whilst there are plenty of options for portable mobility scooters online to able you to get out and about, you also need to consider exercise as part of your daily life.

Exercise is the key in keeping your organs in a healthy state, it’s important for your internal health as it gets the blood pumping around your body and it also burn off any excess fat. Therefore, regardless of the reason for your limited mobility, we will give you 5 tips on how you can stay active and remain in a healthy shape.


Exercise That Offers Flexibility

Many people believe that only exercises which involve cardio burn calories, but this is in fact a myth. Exercises which require flexibility are deemed to be as effective. If you can manoeuvre without the use of a mobility scooter it is worth considering some exercises which involve yoga. You can start at the beginner’s level or if you feel more confident then have a go at some of the more challenging poses. If you cannot move out of your wheelchair or mobility scooter then don’t worry, as you can still perform simple yoga stretches whilst sitting down and you’ll still shift any stubborn pounds if you do these poses regularly.


Always Begin Slowly

It’s understandable that having reduced mobility can be frustrating. Therefore, it’s easy to attempt intense workouts which in turn can impact your health negatively rather than improve it. For this reason, it is always worth starting slowly, especially if you’ve never exercised with reduced mobility as you will not be aware of which areas of your body are weak and which are strong. If you begin slowly you will soon learn what your body is capable of and its limits. Ultimately you want to avoid making your situation worse by straining yourself.


A Little Each Day

Don’t expect to do lengthy exercises as even simple workouts can exhaust you. So instead of scheduling long exercises each day, just try and do a small amount of exercise each day. If you do this, you will gradually build up your strength as well as your health.


Consider Your Diet

Even though you may be doing small, regular exercise, you cannot expect to see great health from this alone. A balanced diet is crucial and particularly in the case of reduced mobility. If you are partial to snacking, try and snack on healthy items such as fruit and vegetable and avoid cakes or crisps. Even with meals try and include vegetables as these will give you those extra minerals and nutrients that you require to keep healthy when you have reduced mobility.


Your Mental Health

We often overlook how important our mental health is, it’s an aspect that’s even more important if you endure limited mobility. One of the reasons why it needs to be at the top of your priorities is because having a mobility impairment can leave you feeling defeated, in despair and dispirited. Therefore, some easy to do mental health exercises can get you feeling good again. For example, you could try to think about the good things that have happened in the day or perhaps try some simple meditation before you go to bed each night. Also, try and get the correct number of hours of sleep each night as this can help to lift your outlook for the day ahead of you.

Just by following these 5 tips you will find yourself on a more active path and not feel that your limited mobility hinders you from everything.





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