Some Bright Ideas on Spending Valentine’s Day with Kids This Time


Each day is special for the little ones, and when it comes to special days, they get super excited. Valentine’s Day is not all about couples spending time together, but it is a true expression of love you have to anyone. It could be anyone as your spouse, parents, offspring, friends or merely anyone you care for. So, want to spend some spectacular times with the little sweethearts at home. Here, let’s discuss some fun ways to make the day very special for them and you.

Try making a memorable meal

Holidays are great opportunities to make traditions to make kids remember it for the whole life. There are special Valentine’s Day recipes enthralling on the internet now, so try and create some special signature dishes this time, which the little ones may enjoy the most. Some top choices to try out are:


  • Get a heart cookie cutter to prepare some heart-shaped French toasts. Sprinkling over powdered sugar and serving it with red berries will make their day.


  • If you are running short of time, then it is easy to try and make a heart-shaped toast which can be spread with raspberry or strawberry jam.


  • Making a Berry Delicious Smoothies will give them the true Valentine feel for the snack.


  • Another easy option is a Monkey Bread.


  • Lunch or dinner idea could be heart-shaped meatloaf served with mashed potatoes.


  • Enrich any meal with sparkling cider poured into cozy champagne glasses.


Join their company for Valentine’s Day decorations

You need not have to burn a hole in your pocket for this, but it’s all about doing things together. Along with booking a flower delivery, try to make some paper chains to hang from the ceiling and cut out plenty of heart shapes on paper to stick to the walls and windows. Some more ideas are:


  • Decorating their rooms in a special festive day.


  • Think of a special red dotted bow tie to be gifted to them.


  • The little princess may be excited to see your drawing teeny hearts on her nails using nail art pens.


  • Can also think of hosting a small tea party for their favorite friends.


Share your love

Do whatever possible for the little ones to make them feel the way how your love for them is shared to make them happy and keep them excited. Load up their space with a lot of craft papers, foils, doilies, crayons and paints to make any possible homemade Valentines gift to deliver to mom, dad, grannies, their favorite sitter, or teachers.


A photo shoot

A photo shoot is ideal for any occasion to get some memorable snaps to be kept for a lifetime, so this can be planned for this special Valentine’s Day too. You can make use of all the props and colors made for the day, which will come out as some excellent prints to be pondered.

Last, but most importantly if you care about it, make them do good and feel good about it. If you know any elderly neighbor or a friend who live alone, it will be a great idea by making the little ones deliver a bouquet along with their home-made cards to them and let them feel cared.




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