3 Top Tips to Keeping Your Car Winter Ready


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Surely nothing can be worse than having your car break down during a journey – unless, that is, it breaks down in the cold depths of winter. Nobody wants to be left shivering at the side of the road waiting for recovery services so we have teamed up with cars.com to bring you some top tips on keeping your car winter ready and ready for anything:


Get your car serviced before the change of the season

Do not wait until the harshest time of the year to book your car in for a full service. Getting this job done well before the winter season sets in will enable your mechanic to deal with any potential issues before they cause you big problems. Or, to use the old adage, prevention is better than cure. This comes to your car’s health as well as your own.


Check lights and tyres

These will be covered in the car’s servicing but do make sure you check your car’s tyres and lights to ensure they are roadworthy and in good working order.


Don’t forget the anti-freeze

Make sure you are using the right 50/50 mixture of anti-freeze and water. Failing to do so will cause your engine to overheat in colder weather – an expensive mistake to make.

As an added precaution, ensure you keep a winter breakdown kit in your car in the event of the worst case scenario. A bottle or two of drinking water, a blanket, a torch and a warning triangle should all be kept to hand should the worst happen and you are left waiting for the recovery services to rescue you.




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