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Whilst becoming a parent is a wonderful and enthralling experience, it’s also a very nerve-wracking time of our lives – notably for first-time parents. It is impossible to be glued to your baby at all times, however much parents may want to. Any devices’ that may be able to help relieve parents of the anxiety they feel when they aren’t by their little one’s side is greeted with open arms, and baby monitors are often a top pick for Mums and Dads.

The market is currently saturated in baby products that aim to put worries and insecurities of new-parents at bay. There are many different types of baby monitors on the market, at varying prices, which often makes finding the right monitor for you and your new-born trickier than first thought. With a wide variety of ‘audio’, ‘motion’ and ‘visual’ baby monitors available, it’s vital to do your homework to find one that will accommodate the needs for you and your child. Not only does the right baby monitor device give you peace of mind, it also helps you understand your baby’s daily habits and give you the freedom to do other errands, but know they are always within eye- and ear-shot.


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Things to consider

Before you walk into a baby store and settle on the first baby monitor you catch sight of on the shelf, take your time to consider the numerous features and functions baby monitors have. Decide which one would be most suitable and beneficial for your family, whilst bearing in mind the cost – there is simply no point in paying over the odds for an all singing and dancing video baby monitor (literally) that sings lullabies and flashes lights if you will only use the basic function.

These are some of the most common features found on baby monitors. Which one is best for you?


  • Movement alerts

If your baby was born prematurely, or suffers from any medical conditions, you may want to invest in a monitor that comes equipped with movement alerts. This will allow you to keep track of their activity and give you peace of mind as they sleep.


  • Lullaby option

Several baby monitors come with a ‘lullaby’ feature. At the click of a button, the monitor will play a song for your child, which can be useful for soothing a crying child late at night.


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  • Indicator lights

Indicator lights can be useful for alerting you when the battery for your monitor is about to die, or to let you know if the receiver monitor has crossed the range limit, which ensures it is working correctly.

  • Range

When purchasing a baby monitor, it is important to think about the size of your home. If you’ve got a large house, you will need a monitor that maintains contact with the transmitting monitor wherever you are situated in your house, to allow maximum freedom.

  • Multiple receivers

If you are worrying that your home may be too big for a single monitor to stay in range continuously, it might be wise to think about investing in a monitor with multiple receivers that can be situated at different points around the home, to prevent having to spend a fortune buying multiple sets.

The top baby monitors to help keep a watchful eye on your bundle of joy…

With so many baby monitors available, it can be hard to decide which is best for you. Here is the ‘crème de la crème’ of the market, along with some important things to consider when purchasing.


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Here is Onbuy’s round up of the top 5 finest, highest-quality devices on the market today:


  • Angelcare AC1320 Digital Video and Sound 3.5″ Screen Baby Monitor, Angelcare
    • This system has an operating range of up 250m. It features an easy-to-use adjustable 3.5-inch LCD screen on the Parent Unit, which clearly displays a number of monitoring features e.g. the temperature and alerts you if it is too high or too low.


  • Audio Baby Monitor 450, BT
    • This BT monitor comes with a lightshow projection and talk back option. It has a long range of 300m outdoors and 50m indoors so you don’t miss a sound, and comes equipped with sound level lights. It also comes with 18 lullabies LCD display on the parent unit, temperature display and alerts and an adjustable night light.


  • Video Baby Monitor 5000, BT
    • This baby monitor is packed with great features, allowing you to hear, see and talk to your baby whilst not in the room. You can also remotely adjust the camera and monitor the room temperature to ensure that baby doesn’t get too hot or cold.


  • Motorola MBP50, Motorola
  • This Motorola baby monitor with camera, comes with a curved screen parent unit that lets you enjoy a 270-degree view of your baby’s room in real time. Infrared night vision recording lets you see them even with the lights out. Speak and listen to your baby with two-way communication, and play lullabies to help soothe them back to sleep.


  • Safe & Sound° Digital Audio Baby Monitor BM1000, VTech Electronics
    • This baby monitor by VTech helps you feel close to your baby when in a different room. It has a range of 300m and an audio warning if you get out of range.




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