Preparing Your Kids For The Arrival Of A Furry Sibling



You’ve finally decided that your family is ready for a new addition. However, instead of it being a baby, you’re opting to buy a puppy for your children to love on. Very similar in ways to raising a child, your new dog will bring a shift to your everyday routine while also improving your quality of life. As excited as your kids might be about their new pup’s arrival, it becomes imperative for you to prepare them ahead of time on how to be good pet owners. Here are some suggestions:


Talk About Responsibility

Though having a dog seems like all fun and games to your children, it is important that they understand the responsibility that comes with owning a pet. Have a talk with your kids about what owning a dog means. That while they can have fun with the pet, they will also be responsible for helping to take care of it too. This includes getting exercise, making sure they’re fed, paying visits to the vet, and other tasks that will be required to keep the dog healthy.


Talk About Pet Health

Your kids probably have a good idea of why it’s important to stay healthy. So, it should be easy explaining to your children the importance of your pet’s health. Discuss different things that a dog can go through from feeling sad and lacking the energy to developing common aches and pains as they age. Then talk about how you can keep your dog healthy by making sure they get good exercise, eat the right foods, and getting help with things like pain relief for dogs. They need to know that their pet’s health is just as important as their own so they take it seriously.


Let Them Help Prepare

There are a few things you may need to get in order for when your new puppy arrives. You should allow your children to help out with the preparation of the home. Whether that means making sure all the clutter is out of the puppy’s reach to avoid chewing or choking hazards, putting up gates to minimize the area the dog can roam in, or buying the right foods, toys, and other merchandise to make your dog feel comfortable, they will take great pride in being a part of the process.


Take Them With You

When you’re ready to go and choose your new pup, make sure you do it at a time when you can take the kids with you. After all, this dog will be a part of your family for a while and everyone should have a choice on which one they’d like to shower with love. Since kids can get pretty hung up on looks, make sure that you’ve done your research to determine which dog is best for your household. Then, when you arrive at the shelter, pet store, or former pet owner’s house, you can guide them to the dogs you’re willing to bring home.

Having a dog in the family has a lot of benefits. It can keep everyone active, improve mood, provide companionship, and give protection. Not to mention, a dog can help teach your kids responsibility and boost their self-confidence. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind as you choose the best canine to join your family.




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