Print Marketing Still Matters for the Small Business

There can be no doubt that digital marketing in all of its many forms is vital to the success of a 21st century small business enterprise. With that understood, the rise of digital marketing does not mean that print advertising does not play a vital role in the promotion of small businesses of many types. There is an array of print marketing strategies that you need to bear in mind for your small business venture.


Print Marketing and Customer Retention

Print marketing and advertising particularly is effective when it comes to customer or client retention. A plethora of advertising research underscores the fact that print marketing remains a key methodology for fostering stronger relationships with existing clients. This includes everything from direct mail (yes, it is still alive) to ads placed in publications that tend to be targeted to an audience that is likely to include consumers who likely have utilized the services offered by a particular business enterprise. This underscores why a business is wise to track how a customer or client made contact with that enterprise in the first instance.


Printed Material is Still Perceived as More Credible

Despite the ubiquitous nature of the internet, print media is still perceived as more credible as far as the vast majority of consumers are concerned. Indeed, this may become an even more settled reality in this era of “fake news” and “fake just about everything else” of social medial and elsewhere online.

One study illustrates the credibility attacked to printed media. In this study, public personalities that were approached to do a print media interview were far more likely to agree than is the case with a digital version alone.


Print Media Endures

Another reason why a small business needs to consider print marketing is because it endures. Digital media marketing is fleeting, by design. A digital ad can vanish into the netherworld of cyberspace in an instant. On the other hand, a print piece can end up in a person’s possession in some manner for weeks, months, or even years. Print media is a marketing technic that keeps on giving.


Quality Commercial Images Enhance Print Media

One strategy that you need to seriously consider employing is including commercial photographs in your print marketing and advertising materials. While it is true you need to include meaningful written content in your print materials, you must take care to keep that concise and to the point. You do not want to leave potential patrons of your business awash in a sea of gray text.

The addition of compelling images, created by a professional commercial photographer, takes your written advertising, marketing, and promotional materials to an entirely new level. You truly give these materials the “biggest bank” possible through the incorporation of commercially created photographs.


Print Marketing is an Effective Branding Strategy

Print marketing is demonstrably effective at establishing, solidifying, and enhancing brand identity. Accomplishing this does require a decision on your part to ensure that you print marketing utilizes a consistent aesthetic throughout. This means your business needs to utilize the same types of fonts and colors. However, it also means that your business’ print adverting needs to utilize the same types of images to establish, solidify, and enhance brand recognition.


Target Marketing Reigns Supreme in Niche Advertising

Scattershot marketing is not the most effective way for a small business to market its goods or services. For example, producing and presenting a television ad on a broadcast station is a prime example of this type of scattershot advertising that extends to a vast segment of the marketplace that will have no interest in the products or services offered by your business. In other words, you are wasting your resources.

Print marketing resigns supreme when it comes to targeted marketing and niche advertising. Through print marketing you have the ability to reach out to a well-defined segment of the marketplace, a niche of consumers most apt to be interested in the products or services offered by your small business.


Print Advertising is Cost Effective

Finally, you need to bear in mind that print advertising is a cost effective marketing and advertising alternative. In recent years, advances in printing technology have made the creation of printed materials significantly less expensive. Moreover, because a considerable number of businesses have abandoned print marketing (to their peril), printers and other enterprises in the industry offer solid deals on costs associated with all aspects of the creation of printed marketing, advertising, and promotional materials of different types.


Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Faxage a leading company that provides Internet fax service for individuals and businesses.





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