Online Ways to Supplement Your Children’s Education


There are not many learning products out there that are specifically tailored for homeschooling. Most educational products get built for classrooms or for learning in general, but some of these tools can be tough for children in a classroom situation. They can be very productive at home where the child has guaranteed individual attention from their parent or tutor. The trick is in finding a tool that will actually push your children’s education and supplement it.


Course-orientated tools focused on instruction


This site offers accurate and valuable fun activities to foster your children’s education in fun creative ways. The free content is somewhat limited but the full version offers a very sensible way for kids to get into into a variety of school related topics, including some sensitive ones such as terrorism, sexual reproduction, addictions and war. But they are all handled very well and are visually friendly to kids.



If you want your son or daughter to further develop the second language that they are being taught at school, Verbling connects your child with a native teacher anywhere in the world. For instance, you can choose to learn French from a lady in Paris to make it more fun and interesting as well as understanding the local accent much better. This tool also offers the possibility to schedule the classes at any time so there is complete flexibility around school and other family activities.


Project-orientated tools focused on creativity


This 2D simulation software is a place where kids can manipulate and create a wide array of mechanisms and objects to change their properties. They can create anything from a block of stone sliding down a slippery ramp to launching a rocket bike and making it take off in low gravity. Or more complex tasks such as a computer that utilises gates to solve mathematical solutions.

It also has an online community where kids cans share their projects and teachers can access and create lessons. There are very detailed tutorials that can guide your child through the process until they can be autonomous and create things as complex as they desire.



If your kid has problems with organisation and visual memory, Popplet can help them to create mind-maps. This tool can help children visualise knowledge with words, images and their own drawings, which they can then use for student projects or for classroom instruction. Popplet allow for parents of children under 13 to create accounts that can be parent-supervised, so that they can have access to the content as well. It also has a collaboration and sharing platform for kids to share their work.  

Of course there are many other tools you could use to help your children with school but, by starting with these ones, you are already on the right track.







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