Painter’s Presentation – 6 Tasteful Tips For Effectively Displaying Your Artworks


Have you ever walked into a beautiful home and thought to yourself, this room just works. It’s not the furniture, it’s not the gadgets – it’s the art on the walls and how that art makes you feel.

Artwork can be something which really helps finish off a room with strong personality. But it’s not as easy as buying and hanging. It’s about giving the piece it’s due and displaying the art in a tasteful and effective way.


Framing is key

A piece of art is something that should be admired, while adding something “electric” to the room. However, sometimes something as simple as the frame can really take away from the art. Picture framing can be the difference between class and pass.

Choose a frame that suits the décor of your home, won’t look out of place and won’t take away from the artist’s vision. Perhaps a 25cm wooden bespoke frame may not work when the piece of art is only an A4. Choose a style that fits the piece as well as your home.


Find your position

When we think of artwork, words like delicate, beautiful and thoughtful come to mind. These all come to mind for good reason, because great artwork is precious. That’s why where you position your artwork is crucial to effectively displaying it in your home.

Think about the elements around the piece. A frame photography piece isn’t going to last very long in the hallway or room which is bathed in sunlight all day, and a beautiful painting might be wasted right next to the TV.


Know your space

Understanding the space you have to work with is very important when displaying your artwork. A large home with small and sparse art is a missed opportunity, and a small home with too much art looks kitschy.

How do you decide what to display? In a small home instead of having a piece here or there, try clustering them together, in a collage style to give big impact with only small pieces. In a larger home, look for large accent pieces then pump them up with smaller bespoke pieces which match the theme.


Color and repeat

Displaying art effectively is more than just hammering a nail into the wall and hooking it on the string. Art should accentuate your home décor, or what’s the point really? Match your art to the furniture and pieces around it to create a harmony which your guests will feel the second they step into the room.

When it come times to pick the cushions, throws and soft touches of the room, look for colors that complement the artwork. The door swings both ways here, look for artworks that match your current décor, especially if you are new to art collection and don’t know where to start.


Fill the void

Let’s face is, a room without windows isn’t a place we want to spend too much time. Displaying your artwork can be a useful way to fill in the blank spaces on your walls and draw attention away from your window-less space.

Where you think that window should be sounds like a great space for that artwork. Look for opportunities to tone down the opinions of a room by filling blank or unused spaces with interesting pieces.


Live on the ledge

Artwork is not necessarily something that needs to be hung to be effectively displayed. If you have a home with ledge style shelves or even a mantle place, why not see how it looks. Instead of filling them with books, china or collectables, try placing your artwork on them.

Using a ledge to display your artwork is a great way to create a feature and a unique way to display pieces a bit out of the ordinary. See how long until your friends try it at their home.

Displaying your artwork can be a somewhat time consuming and confusing job. Knowing which colors work in which rooms isn’t the easiest job in the world. Next time you are looking to display your artwork more effectively, think about the what, how and why.




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