How to Cut Household Chores in Half This Holiday Season


As we head into holiday season, more time off might not necessarily mean more time doing the things you enjoy. Instead, does it seem that there are endless chores and household tasks that demand your attention?

The holidays are a time when family and friends come over to visit. So, the need to keep the house presentable and your need to chill and relax can create unpleasant friction.

Want to have your afternoons off? But also have a house ready for visitors at the drop of a hat? Is there a way to cut household chores in half so you can have both at the same time?

We put on our detective hats to find the best ways families are solving this universal problem.


Defeat lawn envy

Ever walk down your street and feel lawn envy? That feeling you get when you see your neighbor’s perfectly manicured lawn that remains green no matter the time of year. And for reasons that are a mystery to you, their lawn is never overgrown. Do you want the same, but don’t want to spend your weekends pulling out the lawn mower? The answer lies in a fake grass lawn. In fact, it could be what your neighbors use already, only the grass looks so real, you can’t tell it’s anything else.

Not only will you be joining many others who are saving time and money. But you will also be helping the environment, too, through water conservation.


Eat on your porch

Hate dishes? Don’t we all? And with kids in tow, you do not only have dishes to consider. There is sweeping and mopping, as well as pulling spaghetti off the walls. Tired of all the fuss? Why not you’re your meals outside? If you have a backyard and an outdoor space heater, you can enjoy the fresh air while saving yourself indoor clean up. This has extra benefits, too. Did you know that being outdoors can help the whole family relax and feel refreshed?

Granted, this one will only work for those who enjoy moderate fall and winter weather. But for those who can, you might like this so much, you start doing it year-round.


Focus on the main areas

Hosting a dinner party for friends or family? You only need to have the dining room and kitchen looking presentable. Learn to let the other things slide and prioritize the areas that will be seen by visitors.

If you are the type who can’t relax unless the whole house is clean, this might be a tall order for you. But look at it as a choice. Make a choice to value the time you get with your friends and family, and deal with the little pockets of resistance another day. There will always be cleaning to do. There won’t always be time with friends and family. Household chores are important, but at the end of the day, what will you remember? Doing the dishes? Or reconnecting with your family or spouse?


Assign tasks

Who says you must do all the chores? Get the whole family in on household duties. Since school will be out, your crew can help share the load. Assign one chore to each family member and make it their responsibility that it gets done. Perhaps you have had bad experiences with getting your kids to help out? Make chores into a game, with the person who completes the most chores, getting a higher allowance payout. This will help you avoid falling into the role of nagging parent, which is fun for no one.


Don’t be embarrassed to get help

You might pride yourself on being able to handle all the cooking and cleaning yourself. But the cost to your holidays could be a tired and stressed out mummy or daddy. It takes guts to say that you deserve better. Parents need time to recuperate, and the only time you are going to get is the time you carve out for yourself.

That might mean hiring a weekly cleaning house service. Or a home-cooked meal prep service that cooks for you a couple nights a week, so you can finally head to the gym like you always planned. It could mean working out an arrangement for the kids to be at a relative’s place one afternoon each week.

Your hard-earned holiday should be spent doing the things that promote family togetherness and help you de-stress from a busy year. The good news is that it has always been up to you what gets done today or saved for later.



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