How to Give Your Home a Makeover Quickly and Easily


The thing about going away is often the returning home. We find ourselves suddenly plunged straight into autumn after sitting on the Italian beaches at the end of October. The clocks have gone back, the days are shorter and darker and we walk in through the front door and realise that our home really needs freshening up!

It has been a few years since we redecorated. I was pregnant with Bel at the time and she’s turning five later this month so it’s about time for redecorating. The problem is that Christmas is around the corner, there’s not a lot of spare cash and time is limited. Luckily, there are ways and means of giving your home a new look that won’t cost the earth, doesn’t hit the pocket hard and won’t take long to do.

Personally, I prefer a coat of paint to the hassle of choosing, cutting, pasting and hanging wallpaper. Life is too short for lining up roll after roll of patterns, I think. So a couple of coats of paint on the walls are an inexpensive and quick way to freshen up a room in no time. If you’re still a wallpaper fan but don’t like the hassle of pasting them check out the range of wallpaper from Pixers. Choose this abstract handwriting wallpaper and you’ll always have something to read in the loo…


abstract pixers wallpaper


Creating a feature wall doesn’t have to be limited to painting one side of your room in a different colour. How about really making a statement with a wall mural instead? They are self-adhesive so take very little time and hassle to transform your rooms. Want to move it once you’ve stuck it up? No problem – these can be removed and restuck up to ten times and still look good, so move them or swap them with another mural for a look to suit your mood whenever you fancy. My personal favourite? It has to be this one…




And don’t forget your appliances. No more do we need to look at the plain white or grey fridge day after day. They too can have a makeover quickly and easily thanks to Pixer’s range of stickers. In fact, they’ve got something for everything, from doors to windows, laptops to tables. Take a look at the range at Pixers now, use the code ‘LARGERFAMILYLIFE’ to get 40% off your order and you can change the look of your home quicker than you can say ‘where’s the wallpaper paste?’.



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