Create a Home That Boosts Happiness


Have you ever noticed how some rooms make you feel relaxed or edgy or sleepy as soon as you enter them? The discipline of neuroarchitecture is the study of how buildings make us feel. Applying some basic principles of this field to your home design will help you maintain a happy home.


Paint With Light

Everything that we see is really just light reflecting off of various surfaces. Therefore, light is one of the most important visual elements of your home design scheme. Light comes in a wide variety of sources and qualities, and thinking about how that light will play out in your home is vital while planning more drastic improvements. A room with lots of windows, for instance, can benefit from natural lighting during the day. For other rooms and nighttime activities, think about the time; while stronger light is fine during the early hours of the evening, reducing the light as you move closer to bedtime helps you signal your body that it is time to relax.


Your Walls Are Your Canvas

If all that light just falls on blank and featureless walls, your house will look as bland as can be. You’ll want to paint the walls to match your personality if you really want a home that keeps you happy. Looking over different shades and then going to the paint shop with a strong idea of what you want the walls to look like already in mind is the first step to designing the interior walls of your house, though you will need to remember to think about the effects of any lighting on the paint as well.


Enjoy the Great Outdoors

While the inside of your house is very important, spend some time thinking about the outside as well. After all, no one wants to pull up next to a house that looks dilapidated. Solid gardening and lawn care are the beginning of keeping your home in good shape, but adding some nice and mellow improvements can really boost things to the next level. A patio, a paved walkway, or other features will kick-start your design and make your lawn stand out.


The Right Smells

But sight is not the only sense involved in your mental response to your home. Smell will also play a huge part, being deeply involved in the process of memory. And you want to make sure that the memories your home’s smell is invoking are the best they can be. You are probably the world’s greatest expert on what smells nice to you, so spend some time at a scented candle shop or similar establishment and try a few things out. Once you have found the scents that are the keys to your happiness, install them in your rooms as appropriate — pleasant food smells in the kitchen and dining room, for instance.

A well-designed home is a happy home and will certainly be a source of joy for years to come, for you and for your family and friends.



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