5 Benefits of Quitting Smoking



There is no getting away from it, smoking is a tough habit to quit. Once you’re hooked, it is extremely hard to stop. With so much support during the month of October and so many ways to wean you off the nicotine, from patches to vaping substitutes, why not make this the month to stub this habit out of your life once and for all?

Need a few reasons to make the break? Here are five right off the bat:


You won’t smell

Because you do. It doesn’t matter how many mints you suck, how much air freshener you spray in your home or how many car scents you have dangling from your rear screen mirror, you and everywhere you smoke in smells. You can try to mask it, but the truth is there in all its stinking, nicotine-stained glory.


You will be rich

Okay, maybe not rich rich. But you’ll be a lot better off once you’ve quit than you currently are. Look at it this way, if you’re financing a 20-a-day habit, you are easily spending more than £50 a week on cigarettes. Surely there is somewhere else you would rather spend that money. Or you could save it. Either way, there are better uses for over £200 a month, I think you’ll agree.


Your health improves immediately

As soon as you stop smoking your body gets to work on repairing the damage. Your blood pressure and heart rate begin to decrease straight away and, just 24 hours after your last cigarette, you have already reduced the chance of having a heart attack.


You become more attractive

Not only do you stop smelling like a cigarette butt filled ashtray that’s been left in the rain for a fortnight but your teeth will stop looking stained and will be whiter, your skin will become less sallow, you will have more energy and you’ll likely find your libido improves.


You can breathe more easily

Just 72 hours after smoking your last cigarette  is all it takes for your body to remove most of the  nicotine from it, and damaged nerve endings will have already re-grown. The worst symptoms of withdrawal have now passed and your lungs are working better healthier than before.


It’s been almost 15 years since I quit my 40-a-day habit and I have to admit, I am so glad that I ifinally did it. It was not easy but it is definitely the best decision I made for myself, my family and my future. Have you managed to quit smoking? We’d love to hear what worked for you.



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