5 hacks for balancing family life with personal goals


Raising children feels like more than a full-time job for many of us.

And there might be no finer ambition than bringing up healthy and well-balanced kids.

But don’t feel guilty if you know there are other ambitions you want to achieve for your own fulfilment — it’s perfectly natural.

With that in mind, here are five hacks for balancing family life with your personal goals.



Whether you’re a stay at home parent or hold down a job, keeping fit can be a challenge.

But fitness for busy mums and dads is definitely doable if you approach it from a different angle.

Your responsibilities might mean you can’t dedicate large chunks of time for a workout, but you can split your regime into 10 minute segments so it’s more manageable.

Some gyms also offer crèche facilities and even classes that you can take your kids along to.

And if none of this appeals, get a bit more adventurous with your daily pram route and extend it by a couple of miles — just pack enough provisions to keep you and your little one topped up.

Keeping fit is tricky, but it’s a must if your goal is to get back into tip-top condition.



There are times when parenting battles leave us stressed and strained.

But mindful meditation can teach you about parenting and provide the respite you need to regroup and revive yourself.

Simple mindfulness practice can make you less self-critical and ensure that you’re fully present at the most magical family bonding moments — without worrying unnecessarily about the past or the future.

So taking time to clear your mind can help you reassess your priorities from a fresh perspective.


Lifelong learning

You might have put your education on pause when you started a family.

Or you might want to start a totally new career path once your children are at school and you’ve a little more wriggle room.

Online learning can allow you the flexibility of studying for a useful qualification at the times that suit you best — from the comfort of your own home.

You can choose a bachelor’s degree in an entirely new subject to help you switch careers, or a distance learning masters that lets you return to your previous career at a higher level.

Whatever path you choose, being a parent doesn’t need to stop your lifelong learning mission.



If you’ve always had wanderlust then there’s no doubt that you’ll do your best to take your family on as many adventures as possible.

But as they get a little older you might want to take certain trips with your partner, or completely alone.

Child-free vacations can be great for rekindling romance and remembering that although your children are an essential part of your life, they’re not the only part.

So ticking off your travel bucket list is still achievable once you have a family.

No one balances family life with personal goals perfectly — but these five hacks make it more achievable.

Do you balance family life well with personal goals? Share your stories in the comments section.




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