How to find the perfect Prosecco


Prosecco has seen an explosion of popularity in the UK over the past few years, and has started outselling champagne. But when you’ve opted to go and find yourself a bottle of this highly versatile white wine, it can be hard to choose the right brand. Here, we’ll help you figure out which Prosecco is best for you. 

Kinds of Prosecco Available

When people think of Prosecco they tend to think of fizzy or spumante Prosecco, but this is not the only kind available. Frizzante Prosecco is less fizzy and stops bubbling quite quickly after you pour it. Tranquillo Prosecco is completely still and is quite hard to get hold of. 

The Spumante Prosecco is available as dry, extra dry and brut (the driest kind). 

Supermarket Prosecco

One easy way to get a good quality, affordable Prosecco is from the supermarket. But many supermarket varieties are on offer.

Waitrose Prosecco San Leo, at £10.49, is at the higher end of the prices for supermarket options. But it has quite a lot of character; it is creamy with the scent of apple and pear, and has good weight. Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Conegliano Prosecco is a very good alternative at £10; this one is very intense and fruity with a floral aroma. 

Co-Op Borgo Molino Venti 2 Prosecco Brut is £9.99 for those who want a drier offering. This is a well balanced wine with tangerine and almond flavours. It comes in a box which make it a good option for gift buying. Marks and Spencer Monticella Conegliano Superiore Extra Dry Prosecco is very good quality, but also pricey at £15. This wine is fruity with an aroma that includes plums and stone fruits. 

At the more budget end of the scale, Aldi Valdobbiadene Superiore Prosecco is available for £7.99. For the price, it delivers good quality; it’s a fresh wine with a green apple scent. Lidl Allini Extra Dry Prosecco is the least expensive at £5.39. Whilst not a luxury option, this wine still offers a nice, fresh flavour and can easily compete with the more middle range options. 

Brands Outside the Supermarket

Supermarkets offer a good range, but you may have to venture beyond if you want to find better quality Prosecco.

Dal Bello Don Gallo Prosecco is available for £12.40 and is served in some of the best Italian restaurants in London. It is dry with good weight and very tasty. Thomson and Scott Skinny Prosecco is £17.99 and is a low sugar brand which is dry and refreshing. 

Terra Serena Prosecco Frizzante is a good less fizzy option available for £10 with peach and apricot flavours. It’s crisp and good for parties. Daylesford Valdobbiadene Prosecco is made from organic grapes. Priced at £13.50, this wine is light and has a hint of pear and melon. 

Where to Get Good Deals

There’s no need to traipse out to to the shops to pick up good Prosecco. You can find some very good Prosecco deals online. offers a huge range of wines with special deals and vouchers from wine merchants. Majestic Wine also offers good value and is a place to find more obscure brands.



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