Lighting and Interior Accents for Autumn


Arguably the most atmospheric of all the seasons, autumn brings along with it rich colours, long shadows and fragmented sunlight. What better season to take interior design inspiration from and what better time than now to act upon it?

Here are some ideas for lighting up the autumn months with sublime light shades, lamps that are to die for and dynamic interior accents.


Brass, Copper and Zinc

For living rooms and dining rooms, pendant lights made from brass, copper or zinc really give the space the wow factor.

You will find these come with a range of finishes, two of the most popular being a high polish finish that provides a mirror effect and is super chic and then you will find a hammered finish that feels and looks more rustic.

Hang one of the larger sizes individually or in groups of three in various sizes, either way the result looks amazing.


The Dark and the Light

While you could run with the brass, copper or zinc theme for floor lamps, the idea of mixing things up a little may be appealing.

If this is the case, then look at some antique style floor lamps with a black of very dark coloured shade. These provide the space with a point of focus that beautifully accents the dark with the light.

Perfect if you want to give the corner of a room a new dynamic or perhaps the space around a reading chair.  


Shining Surfaces

For tables or cabinets, a ceramic based lamp with a mocca coloured shade is certainly worth investigating – they are popping up in all the popular home and interior glossies at the moment.

Desks are best lit by an adjustable lamp, particularly if they are regularly used as a work surface by children doing homework or parents who work at home.


Autumn Accents

There isn’t room on the planet that would not benefit from a simple vase of flowers, they are a timeless, beautiful and natural way to accent any room. Some of the best autumn cutting flowers include, dahlias, hydrangeas and sunflowers.

Evenings meanwhile can be accented by lighting some scented candles, these will enhance your rooms lighting even further with their soft flicking energy.

And scented candles will also help you to relax and to unwind after a long, enjoyable autumn day.  

Lighting and interior accents make a real difference to a space, especially during autumn and winter, so making an effort to really pays off.




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