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Discovering new destinations to visit, carefully exploring them and then managing to do it again and again, especially with a large family, is what real travel dreams are made of.

Large families tend to enjoy much more when travelling together. As and when their numbers gradually increase, the travel habits too, vary accordingly and are then adjusted to adapt to the larger needs of the family.

The biggest challenge, however, with a large family, say of around 15 members is planning. Everything from selecting the right destination, accommodation, itinerary and finally transportation requires a huge amount of effort and painstaking detail.

Packing for each individual member is another major headache, especially when there are a few kids involved in the program.While the children vie with each other to fill their suitcases as much as possible with random items, the effort in saying ‘no’ and making them understand and stay organised takes some doing. Having said that, let all this not deter you from having an amazing time out together.By following these simple tips you can experience a memorable holiday, every time you decide to venture out with your large family in tow.


Destination should be fun for all

When selecting the proper destination to visit, ensure that the place would offer fun for all age groups. Going on any holiday with a big group usually means that there would be children of all ages on the trip. In such a case,never opt for any place, which may be good for the elders but boring for the children. With careful and proper research one can easily find a host of spots which every body would be happy visiting.


Plan well ahead

Any holiday costs money, and specially with a large family the financial aspect needs to be carefully  considered. By planning well in advance one can really cut down on expenditure, and more so if you intend to fly a lot. The best air deals, lodging costs and ticket prices are best available at least six months in advance.


Organise transport arrangements in advance

The main headache of travelling in a large family, say of more than a dozen members, is the number of children and the amount of luggage you have. In such a scenario, your best and quickest option to get to the city is by booking your transfer with a reputable transport provider like KiwiTaxi.

You can book online for a 19 seater mini bus as an economic means of transport, to and fro from the port of arrival. This will also eliminate the cost and hassle of booking multiple cars. These mini buses are comfortable, with ample luggage space. When travelling with children, just order for a child seat in advance. The driver will make sure that the right numbers of seats are installed before the trip.

By taking time out to travel with all family members, one can really get to appreciate the wonders of any destination together. Sooner or later you will realise that these special trips you take with such a large family, will make everlasting memories, not only for you but the kids as well.



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  1. Great list! I totally agree with your “Organise transport arrangements in advance”. Traveling is different than everyday and should be treated that way.Organization is so important for large families.

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