3 Fitness Innovations That Will Change The Way You Work Out



There is no doubt about it, technology now influences every aspect of our lives and its growth and development enables us to work and live smarter than ever before. As a result, businesses continue to utilise increasing knowledge and expertise offered by experts such as an Innovation Company, the ever-expanding field of health and fitness is no exception.

The health and fitness industry is a constantly developing area and we have seen technology incorporated into the field more and more as designs become increasingly complex and advanced. A self-confessed thaasophobe, I find myself getting easily bored and need to keep myself motivated, be it through shaking up my routine or challenging myself to completing a task faster, more efficiently or with greater strength. With so many gadgets on the market that claim to help us get fitter, healthier or slimmer, we take a look at the latest fitness innovations that you might not have heard of… until now!


The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker

Unlike the wrist-worn fitness trackers that we are already familiar with, the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker has turned the whole concept of tracking our fitness upside down. Not satisfied with simply monitoring how many steps we walk, how hard our heart is working or how well we are sleeping, the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker actually shows you how your body is changing from the inside out. The tracker comprises two units, a mirror and a scale. Step onto the scale and it will communiciate with the mirror unit via a bluetooth connection. The mirror contains Intel RealSense Depth Sensors that take a complete 3D scan of your entire body in just 20 seconds. The information taken from the two units – the 3D scan and the figures calculated by the scale – are combined and the data is used to show the user exactly what changes their body is undergoing via an app.

I love the idea of this because, like many others, I find myself becoming very disheartened about my efforts at times, especially when the bathroom scales tell me I’ve stalled or, horror of horrors, gained a pound or two, despite knowing I’ve worked out commitedly and been eating healthily. Being able to visualise the changes that are happening internally through fat loss or muscle gain could very well be the motivation that many of us need and I have to admit that out of everything in this article, the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is the one product that I am tempted to invest in next and would love to give it a go! It’s not cheap by a long shot, priced in the region of $800 or so, and it is currently only available to reserve in the US, but I reckon it would be a great motivator if its claims are true. This is definitely one product I’ll be keeping watch on.


Ring Activity Trackers

My preferred tracker at the moment is the Fitbit Charge HR for a number of reasons that I’ll have to cover within another post. I find wrist trackers preferable by far to chest-worn trackers, especially for floor-based exercises that result in fastenings and buckles digging into my back. New designs see finger trackers hitting the market, enabling you to wear the device as an anti-slip and fully adjustable ring. Once again, these trackers uses built-in bluetooth technology to relay collected data to an app on your smartphone. If you’re not a fan of trackers or want something that’s a little more discreet, a ring activity tracker might be worth a try.


DNA Lifestyle Coach

Big-boned? It’s in the genes? Hereditary? The DNA Lifestyle Coach is a genetic testing service that analysis your genes and makes suggestions on the data they provide. Created by a team of geneticists, Ph.D Researchers and programmers, the DNA Lifestyle Coach is a small kit that is shipped internationally to anywhere which does not conflict with National Trade Restrictions. You return your DNA sample (taken by swab from the inner cheek of your mouth) for processing. The information acquired then enables the DNA Lifestyle Coach to take the information and make suggestions from their team in order to improve your overall health. The team is comprised of a fitness panel, a diet panel, a stress and detox panel, and a dental and skin panel. Together, they claim they will improve the performance of your body and mind using your unique DNA as the basis of their recommendations.





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