Cool Confines – Preparing Your Home for The Colder Months



With the summer days beginning to fade, all too soon we will plunge into the colder winter months. Energy prices are becoming increasingly expensive, and so making your home as snug as possible will not only ensure you are toasty warm this winter, but save you money, too. So, what can you do to make your home warmer this winter?


1. Install Modern, Efficient Electric Heaters

Heating your home in the most efficient way possible is the first investment you should make. There are many options but electric heaters that are capable of heating both inside and outdoor spaces is one. Not all heaters give off heat in the same way. Convection heat warms the air but radiated heat warms objects in a space. Some electric heaters use radiated heat and this makes them a far more comfortable heating option, especially for outdoor spaces such as patios or spot heating inside factories and other units.

2. Heavy Lined Curtains

Up to 40% of heat lost from the home escapes through windows, even more so on windows that are left uncovered. It may be the latest trend to have minimal if no window dressings but that means losing heat. Heavy lined curtains make a room much warmer in winter.


3. Close Off Rooms You Don’t Use

Furniture doesn’t feel the cold so why waste energy and money heating rooms that you don’t use? Make sure everything is covered and check the room periodically through winter to make sure that there is no damp or damage to furniture, soft furnishings and so on.


4. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats allow you even more control of the heat in your home, all with a few taps on the screen of your smart phone. Download the corresponding app for your smart thermostat, and control the temperature in individual rooms and across the home by setting different temperatures at different times of the day. Smart thermostats can save you money on your heating bills too.


5. When the Sun Shines…

Open the curtains and blinds to let the sun shine into a room and capture as much of the heat of the sun as you can. North facing rooms will get the sun in the morning, with west facing rooms enjoy the sun in an afternoon so when you do see the great ball fire in the sky, make sure you use as much of its ‘free’ energy as you can.


6. Focus on People, Not the House

We are still used to thinking of heating the home, rather than keeping people warm and this means we can spend money trying to heat rooms to an almost tropical temperature in the depths of winter. An extra layer or two, a chunky wool cardigan for the evening and a pair of wool lined slippers will help you keep warm – and keep the thermostat lower so you save money, but without feeling the cold.


7. Maintain Your Heating System

Whichever method or methods you use to keep your home warm this winter, it pays to keep on top of maintaining and servicing your heating. This means taking the time in the summer months to have an engineer or qualified technician to give your heating he once over ready for winter. Not only can this lead to fewer problems, it also means that your system is more likely to be efficient.


And finally…

Seal cracks to stop heat escaping and cold air coming in, make sure you keep as much heat in your home as you can and spend nights snuggled on the sofa in cosy blankets with your feet up!





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