How to Turn Your Humble Abode Into an Entertainer’s Pad



If you haven’t designed your home for guests, your attempt at entertaining can turn from fab to drab as soon as people start arriving. Even if you only have a few spare hours to clean up, there are quick and easy ways that you can make your space entertainment-ready in no time. We’ve put together 6 tips and tricks that you should take heed of to turn your humble abode into an entertainer’s pad.


Choose a sophisticated colour palette

Show your true colours by adding entertaining yet soothing shades to your walls and furnishings. Dark colours such as indigos, deep purples and blues are perfect for a sophisticated yet intimate interior scheme, combined with calming, neutral tones such as cream and beige. These tones create an intimate, moody ambience and enhance the soft, evening light.


Lighting is key

Lighting is the most essential element in the decoration of home.

Creating paradoxically both reality and illusion, it’s important to be able to alter the light in all areas of your home. Lighting fixtures illuminate our treasured objects and highlight our favorite colors, as well as affecting our mood, performance, and mental health. Enhancing the lighting in your home can be as simple as enlisting an outdoor blinds company to shelter your entertaining areas or as easy as investing in some lamps to inject some ambience into the atmosphere.


Don’t forget the scent

Scents are strongly linked to relaxation, and can be used to provoke calming feelings.

Try infusing your home with vanilla, sandalwood or rose to soothe your guests, or invigorate your space with scents such as jasmine, patchouli and ylang ylang. Invest in a fragrant candle or a diffuser to ensure the scent of sophistication is in the air.


Invest in good linen (and good towels)

If you’re going to entertain in your home, it’s important to have the facilities for people to stay over. This includes fresh sheets and clean towels. Choose shades that complement the colour scheme of your home, and don’t be afraid to invest a healthy amount. There is nothing quite like the feeling of good quality sheets and towels.


Use your garden to its full potential

A lot of gardens, yards and patio areas are unfortunately neglected by homeowners.

This is such a waste, because a garden is an area of the home that can be used to relax and entertain family and friends. Some basic landscaping and the addition of popular garden features such as decking, water features and garden furniture has the potential to turn any garden into a spectacular place to spend your spare time.


Clean up the clutter

More than anything, you want to make sure that your home is clean and comfortable. Make the time to do a big cleanup. To avoid stressing out, start a few days beforehand, or you may risk having your guests arrive as you’re still scrubbing the floor. Sweep, vacuum, dust and polish all that will be in plain sight. Don’t forget to check behind cushions and underneath pillows – you don’t want a guest to be the one to find that missing chocolate bar from last summer.


Turning your home into an entertainer’s pad doesn’t have to cost as much money as you think. Start off by cleaning your home, and adding the finishing touches, such as towels, sheets and lighting, to really round out your home experience. All you have to do is use a little imagination and you could quickly make your entertaining dreams a reality.





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