5 Ways to Update the Classic Burger and Fries


Ah, the classic burger, star of the screen as well as many restaurant menus and homes around the world. It’s claimed that the burger was first invented in 1880, yet with a gentle tweak here and there, this wonderful stalwart has the potential to be renewed and reinvigorated.


  1. Sliders

If you’ve been to a party recently, you’ll have noticed that among the canapés, wraps and dips, there’s a new kid on the block – the slider. These mini sandwiches are usually served in buns. Now while some might argue that it’s just a mini burger, others get very hot and bothered about this issue. It’s definitely a burger makeover to say the least, and tastes even better when paired with a selection of other bite-sized appetisers.


  1. Mediterranean beef burgers

This idea from The Hairy Bikers is a wonderful way of updating the burger. Simply add courgette, onion, garlic, basil, tomato paste and oregano to the minced meat for a real taste of the Mediterranean. Roll into patties, fry or grill to taste and you have a meal that’s packed full of flavour in minutes. McCain Sweet Potato Fries taste particularly delicious with these.


  1. Veggieburgers

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to love veggie burgers, and these from Jamie Oliver are cool with a capital ‘C’. Even if you have a child who detests vegetables, this recipe may just convert them. The key thing is to add sufficient spice to the vegetables so that they’re really tasty, while sesame and sunflower seeds can also be added to the mix. Fry the patties for 10 – 12 minutes in a standard pan and serve with a scrumptious fresh green salad.


  1. Troutburgers

You can have burgers made from meat or vegetables, so why not fish? The trick is to combine the fish with breadcrumbs to make the patties sturdy. Adding mayonnaise, horseradish and some shallots and dill will also really add to the delicate fish taste. Grill for around four minutes and serve with yoghurt and flatbread.


  1. Cheeseburgers

Once you’ve made your beef burger patties, mould a hole in the centre and add a portion of your cheese. Grill the patties for about seven minutes on each side and they’ll be ready to serve. A baked potato would be delicious with these, or you can just enjoy them in a bun.

The classic burger is likely to be around for a very long time yet. Sometimes it’s best not to mess with traditional flavours, but on other occasions, experimentation is the only way forward. Burgers are the perfect way to treat the family to a classic, well-loved dish with a surprising twist.







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