5 DIY Projects to Help You Get Organised This Summer



While spring is known for spring cleaning, summer is perfect for getting organized and tidy. Even if you only have a few minutes to spare between cookouts and vacations, you can organize your home. Consider these DIY projects to meet your organisational goals this summer.


Wooden Crates for Storage

Wooden crates make a versatile storage solution in just about any room in the house. In your children’s rooms, they can hold all manner of toys. Just take a few wooden crates, lightly sand them, and use a primer to get a nice base. Then you can either paint them, or if your children are old enough allow them to create their own designs on the crates. Attach casters on the bottom, and these crates can move anywhere you need them. You can also follow the same steps and attach the crates to the wall in your entryway for fun and colorful storage for shoes, or use them to make a bookshelf.


Repurposed Tin Cans for Storage

Tin cans, in their multitude of sizes, make excellent storage containers. However, the labels on those empty coffee, nuts, and chips cans aren’t attractive, and peeling the labels off won’t leave them looking any better. Yet, with a little crafting or scrapbooking paper, you can turn those tin cans into storage containers you won’t mind leaving out in the open. Simply trim the paper to the size of the can and glue it on. You can even use buttons, ribbons, and other small crafting items to give your cans some embellishment.


Metal Knife Rack in the Bathroom

While a metal knife rack in the kitchen keeps your knives safely organized, it’s also great in the bathroom for getting all those small magnetic items within easy reach. Just attach the knife rack to the wall in your bathroom, and you’ll have a handy place to keep tweezers, nail clippers, bobby pins, files, nail scissors, and any other small metal items you’re always digging for in your bathroom cabinet drawers. You can also use metal spice jars to hold small beauty products that aren’t magnetic.


Wall Hooks for Organization

In just about every room of your house you can use wall hooks to hang and organize items. In the laundry room, use hooks to hang up mops, brooms, and other cleaning supplies. You can also use large hooks to create the ideal place to hang your ironing board so it’s out of the way yet easy to access. In your hallway, hooks make the perfect spot to hang coats, bags, and hats so they don’t end up piled on a chair.


Tackle Box to Organise Batteries

Batteries always seem to end up scattered around the bottom of the junk drawer. Instead of endless searching for the right battery, use a plastic tackle box to keep them all sorted by size. Label each bin with the battery size, and you’ll easily find the size you need and know when you need to buy more.

When you’re looking for attractive and easy organisation solutions, these projects are simple to complete and will help you get organized this summer.







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