5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Curtains for Your Home




The curtains and drapes in your home play a number of important roles. They not only help you to control the amount of light in the room, they also reinforce the mood and atmosphere that you are trying to create for the space. If they’re too heavy, the mood will be oppressive. If they’re too light, they could prove unsuitable for areas like the bedroom or study.

Ultimately, the perfect curtains need to combine both form and function. They should suit the use of the space, but also enhance it. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new design, colour, or style, think carefully about what impact your choices might have. For instance, curtains with bold patterns can look exquisite in contemporary spaces with minimal features. However, if added to a room with lots of existing patterns, they could feel too loud or distracting.

Keep reading for some valuable hints and tips on how to choose the perfect curtains for your home.


  1. Ditching the Wholesalers

If you can’t find readymade curtains in a style or design that thrills you, there is always the option of purchasing wholesale fabric and getting them made independently. There are a number of highly regarded suppliers who provide fabrics to the mainstream retailers. One clever trick that shoppers can use is to head over to these websites and browse the products that are due to hit the high street. Wortley is one of the most eminent suppliers and taking a look at its range is a good way to make choosing curtain fabrics easier.


  1. Not Sticking to Your Budget

It is more than possible to source gorgeous fabrics and readymade curtains on a tight budget. Although, it is worth comparing the cost of fabric with high street or boutique products, as the former can be a more affordable choice. Like all décor changes, finding the right design is much simpler if you know how much you are willing to pay and you stick to this limit. That way, you can narrow down the field and only consider options that are relevant to your budget.


  1. Picking Patterns That Clash

The best way to incorporate bold patterns into a room is with moderation. In other words, if you’re shopping for curtains for your sitting room, consider the type of patterns and designs already in there.

You might have bright, busy throws or a vibrant patterned carpet. Too many conflicting patterns will create a clash, so try to evoke a sense of harmony and balance. Conversely, if the space is already quite minimal and understated, a patterned drapes or curtains are likely to give it a bit of personality and spirit.


  1. Fitting the Curtains Incorrectly

It is important to consider the shape and structure of your new curtains, because this will determine how they look and move when they’re installed. For the most part, curtains don’t require any special hanging tools and accessories; they can be taken down and replaced whenever you like, as long as you have reasonably robust window hangings already. You can, of course, change the frames and mechanisms if you want to alter the way in which they move. For instance, curtains that slide across a broader bar are sturdier and more secure than products that are pulled along on individual rings.


  1. Not Shopping for Function

Finally, don’t forget that your new curtains need to perform a practical function. As well as looking beautiful, they’ve got to allow you to control the entry of natural light. Heavier, lined fabrics are a more suitable option for bedrooms and other upper floor spaces as they block out more light and make relaxing and sleeping simpler. On the other hand, lighter fabrics are great for sittings rooms and dining rooms where a lot of natural light is usually welcomed.


Why Great Curtains Are a Solid Investment

With beautiful, well designed curtains, interior spaces feel more comfortable, cosy, and cohesive. The right design, pattern, and style can bring the various elements of a room together and highlight accent tones, signature features, and favourite colours. The trick to getting it right is picking high quality fabric that is built to last and guaranteed to add elegance and sophistication to your home.








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