Shopping and Eating in Jakarta



As a tourist, you are sure to get an amazing experience when shopping and eating out in Jakarta. Keep your taste buds ready and get extra-large suitcases as there are lots of good shopping to do here. Jakarta is well famous not only for its tourist attraction but is well known for loads of shopping malls where you can shop to your heart’s content and eating joint, where you will come across every kind of international cuisine. Jakarta is filled with amazing venues for shopping and eating out, which are a must to explore by every tourist. Look for the top Jakarta hotel deals and plan a trip right away. Hotel Mulia is a good name to start with and enjoy a great and memorable trip.


Shopping Malls, Super Markets, and more Markets

Jakarta boasts of a large number of huge glittering malls, and it rightfully earns the title of the city with the most mall in the world. The malls vary from the upscale market malls to cheap malls where you can explore luxurious brands like Chanel, Dolce, and Gabanna, Gucci, etc. Plaza Indonesia, Pacific place, and Plaza Senayan are just a few to name. Its major shopping malls boast of international brands. There are cheaper malls in Jakarta selling local brands, mobile phone services and electronic products. In addition to malls, there are huge shopping centers and big indoor markets, selling hundreds of items and things. You can get everything at wholesale prices and shop for purses, shoes electronic products, branded items, bags, and buy them at a very low price if you are armed with good bargaining skills. Tanah Abang in Blok M is another popular market among Malaysian tourists that sell clothing and Islamic wears. Pasar Baru sells different clothing, accessories, and bags. Modern supermarkets in Jakarta include names like Carrefour, Lotte, CemChicks, Giant, Hero, Hypermart, Superindo, etc. Apart from those, you can look for Convenience stores for your daily needs. If you are looking for local handicrafts and antique products, go to Jalan Surabaya whirr you will come across many antique shops.


Eating out in Jakarta

You will remain spoilt for choice when you come across the vast range of food available at different eating complexes all over the huge city. Try different foods and cuisine such as Chinese, Japanese, and other international foods thanks to the cosmopolitan population. Jakartan versions of many dishes are labeled as Betawi or Batavian, Try the Dutch dish, Sop iga sapi, which is a beef spare rib soup made with Indonesian spices. Soto betawi is a coconut milk broth with beef tripe and tendons. Egg cooked with glutinous rice is known as Kerak telor which is served with shredded coconut and topped with dried shrimps. You will love Ketoprak, which is a rice roll, tofu, crackers, and bean sprout in peanut sauce. Bubur Dingin is a beef sweet soup, while Nasi uduk, rice cooked in coconut milk is very popular among the locals. White rice is the main course. Your stomach may take some time to get used to the local spices used in their cooking.


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